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2014 Update


As most of you know we have been on hold after the recent break-in. Our content is still available for fans, but no new updates are slated at this point. If you join now you are paying for ALL the content that has been created since we started in 2005. Please keep that in mind BEFORE you join. Your membership and support helps keep the site running, and will allow fund building for future projects.

We are also using our other sites for additional funding to keep this alive right now. We’ve spoken to long-time greats like, RyanC, Zous, TheCoils, DrTeeth, and even they are very busy with their own projects and lives. We are unable to find vore artists affordable enough to work on projects at this time unfortunately.

In an ongoing effort to help us stay alive, Stacey is looking all over the world for potential vore artists on Elance, so there IS some hope. All memberships will help pay for hiring these future artists.


Thank you for your patience.

Please visit our sponsor’s banners at these websites which will help fund our cause. Thank you!


Zous & Voreville

We want to thank Zous for helping us create amazing, exclusive vore content for our members. So far we have done a few great projects together and the end results have been nothing more than spectacular! With his manipulation skills and Stacey’s sexy models, we can keep producing still series while animation is on hold for now.

At least we can bring the best, most realistic vore stills out there for now. What’s better than models ACTUALLY posing for vore shots according to Zous’ custom made story boards. Everyone wins!

We are working on another series with Zous and another nude model. We are also setting up a photo shoot for the next series after that.


In light of recent unfortunate events, we are unable to continue production at this point in time. Without member support there is just no way we can afford the price of the new animators and artists so Voreville / Creaturesandcorsets.com will go into hibernation mode once again until we can raise enough funding from just new memberships only.

We don’t expect current members to stick around and pay for no updates which is why we are announcing this.

For new members, there’s plenty to see and your membership will help fund our existence. For old members, there will be no new updates until further notice.


Maybe it was a good thing we got all our old equipment stolen. We have had a turn of fortunate events after the incident that has gifted us with two new power house computers. We have acquired a lot of new parts from connections enough to build two new systems. We should be back up and running full speed in the next few weeks.


It looks like anything related to Voreville is cursed these days. Last night our facility was broken into and everything was stolen. Production is now on hold once again due to these unfortunate circumstances. We lost a lot of work so it may take a few months to get back up to speed again. If you are a long time supporter of this site, do not join right now because there will be no new content until we can set things straight again. For those of you new to this website, there’s plenty to see, but select the one time membership because there won’t be new updates until further notice. Thank you