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Vore, Monster Vore, Alien Vore, Tentacle Porn, Tentacle Sex – Tentacle Vore

I know this is probably old to most people, but I just love the clip so much! Great Job! If only we could do an animation that cool… one day… 🙂


Not So Itsy Bitsy Spider…

WOW… look at the details in this CG spider. They did a great job. It’s from the Charlotte’s Web movie.

One day I am hoping to get our animations THAT DAMN good… heh…

This scene makes a pretty good spider vore if you use your imagination.

Vore, Spider Vore, Eaten Alive, Sucked Dry, Implied Vore

Vore, Spider Vore, Eaten Alive, Sucked Dry, Implied Vore

A little “Vore” Play…

Man I love incorporating vore into my intimate life. Amazingly my girl friend is ok with my complete wierdness. She accepts that I have this strange odd fantasy but only because she knows I know it’s only fantasy and that I would NEVER turn that into anything else.

Last weekend I made her wear this super HOT sexy black lacey lingerie getup. WOW it was super hot! I made her wear 6″ heels, thigh high stockings, garter belt, a sexy satin robe, a choker, and some fangs for teeth. Basically my idea of a sexy ass hoey VAMP / Vampire mistress femme fatal. MMmmmmmmm

Boy was I in heaven as I imagined she was eating me alive as she wrapped her sexy silky robe and long nyloned legs around me like they do in movies just as the vampire sucks it’s victims dry!

VORE Trends…

Cool Vore Trends from google…


Vore Game Ideas…

One of these days I would like to make a nice VORE GAME that runs on console systems like the playstation, xbox and the wii. I bet even though we have a small community, it would sell like hotcakes!

I know there are lots more of you out there that just haven’t figured out what they call it. Hopefully you people will find our pages!