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Incredibly Gorgeous Meals

We are working with Stacey to get this gorgeous model hired for some nude vore CUSTOMIZED works. She’s absolutely stunning and would be amazing in some vore scenarios. If you agree, join and support us in our next attempt to raise enough money to hire her for some clothed and nude peril shots and videos. Yes, we said nude! Yum!

Take a look at what a difference a peril posed model makes in the final vore scene. Expressions and poses make the final piece much more realistic and believable looking! This piece was done by the amazing Zous and Stacey’s sexy models.

We are working very closely with Zous to make his vore dreams, our vore dreams, and your vore dreams come true!

Here’s the next incredibly gorgeous model we want to hire! Stunning isn’t she!?!? She has already agreed to pose nude for peril shots. We have a lot to look forward to!

– VV Admins