Voreville’s Future is in Your Hands…

The battles of fee’s and costs keep going up. Now Verotel wants to charge their members $600+ a year just to be able to process payments. Before June 1st, 2012 it was free for us. If things keeps going the way they are, small shops like ours just won’t survive.

With that said, this will be the final push to get anything and everything I have thrown into getting Voreville back up and running. When we do open back up with new material again, I will gauge the opening months and how well it does. If it does well, I will make sure to keep pushing to keep Voreville alive. If it doesn’t do well, Voreville will just have to close permanently. The future of Voreville is really up to you!

So if you really enjoyed our works, show us your support when we need you! Spread the word! Keep watch on the blog for new previews of what’s to come!

Thanks everyone for your patience!

– Stacey ^_^

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