The end for us as well…

It looks like the consensus is Voreville is no longer liked by the community. Stacey has been trying to gain more support over the years, but it does not seem to be working. She realizes her latest blog may have just about offended everyone out there, so to avoid further problems we are offering the site up for sale again. We took on this project because we thought it would be a fun experience. Now we are only beginning to feel the never ending fan frustrations as well as Stacey’s frustrations. We don’t want this negativity to continue any longer.

We all have reviewed data and records and comments from all over and the consensus is that we seem to be offending more people than being part of a community. Our time is just as valuable to us and we realize there is no sense in beating a dead horse. Fans keep the site running and without fans, there’s no way to maintain the site.

We are looking for new owners to take over the site once again. It’s been a pleasure to serve you for this short period of time.

Thank you

– VV Admins

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