Custom Sexy Model Shoot for Vore

On a side note, if anyone is interested in custom videos, Stacey is still in contact with those sexy models she worked with in the past. They all know the vore theme and what to do. They aren’t the typical models.

We can still get one full day photo/video shoot with her videographer and sexy professional model for $875-$1200 per photo shoot. It sounds like a lot, but this is a custom request to have a model pose and act any way we wish. We can have the model dress anyway we wish, but specific items will take extra time and cost will go up. We will get about 50 unique videos from this. Details can be discussed at any time, just contact me.

Here are some of the shoots Stacey has done with them in the past:

NOTE: Until I get all the old unfinished content completed and out, I won’t be trying to push any new projects just yet. This is just a heads up for anyone that is interested because the planning of this will also take time.

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