Monsters Galore!

We’re going to have some really crazy cool monsters chomping away soon after our Spider Demon piece… we’re developing them as we go… here’s one of them…


Stay tuned for our planned DVD release too!

And for those of you wondering what’s up and coming here at Voreville… this is what we are planning. We’re still not sure when we’ll be able to get them done because we’re a bit short on help, but here are some of the Vore story animations that we are toying with. Thanks members for your great ideas as well! We’re also going to try doing more feet first animations like many of you have suggested!

“Sister Sister” – Two sexy superhero sisters fight a huge hungry ugly beast and battle it out to the end – both however don’t make it unfortunately for them and become plant food! 

 – A huge all teeth looking ugly drooling beast that eats everything in it’s path. Maybe we’ll stick it in an alien strip club when the sexy human stippers have to dance to save their behinds. These strippers were captured on earth and brough back to the alien planet for the purpose of entertainment….   and FOOD. If the beast doesn’t feel the stripper is doing a great job entertaining, he’ll devour her there on the spot.

– Here we have a scene at the alien planet in a popular alien restaurant. What do you think they server here? Sorry only prime sexy ladies are considered, all other applicants will be returned to earth or used as alien fertilizer! Food is very fresh! Still moving on the plate when served!

– Alien factory scene – here’s how they process humans in the alien world. This is the alien factory conveyor belt which smooths production and ensures the aliens a fresh product… and mass processing of humans.

– Early morning breakfast on the alien planet with the “Munchers” – Mom is cooking up some humans for the kids early morning breakfast before they go off to school. This one is not for the faint of heart because we have a juicer blender scene in this one! And you thought the frying pan ideas was bad enough!- “Monster in the Dumpster” a woman goes toss the trash outside in the dumpster but gets a big surprise! Her screams are muffled by the monsters many tentacles which drags her back into the dumpster to devour her alive.

– Creature Under the Bed” a woman is relaxing on her bed when all of the sudden she hears a noise under the bed. She debates whether to investigate but does it anyway out of curiousity. Unfortunately for her, her curiosity lead to her demise.”Playmonster mansion” – Here sexy humans are either used as hostesses or hors d’oeuvres…  they will never know when their last service will be. It goes by the luck of the draw and whatever alien beast just wants entertainment or is just ready to have a snack.

Eventually, we’d like to get more into tentacle vore as well.

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