Flame them… and they will come…

To all you pathetic lonely men trying to find something to wack off to at the ConsumptionJunction..



You guys post a VIDEO from my site…. something that my crew and I created. And then you bitch that I SPAM??? FUCK YOU. You can BAN me from there but rest assured. IF you’re here and see this, I GET THE LAST WORD you fucks!

So I found this website that posted one of our animations on their site. That’s cool and all, I don’t care… but our link was COVERED by their logo. So I decide to look on their FORUM to see if I can give mention to us. Well on a part of their site there’s a SPAM section…. meaning it’s OK to SPAM.

So I post a message one night. The next morning I get these morons on the board saying they wanted to “crucify the noob” and put pictures up of hanging people. UHMMMMM yah, and what kind of response do you think ANYONE would have from that. Some milk and cookies or tea anyone?

I don’t think so!

Yet one really idiodic member decides to stick up for me, and then turns on me in the end. Why? …because his DUMB ass did not see the details in the RULES either…. and YET he had 6300 posts as opposed to three posts..   WHO’s the FUCKTARD now?  “ProfessorG”

That shut your ass up right away didn’t it? So “stutter” on that BIAAAAAATCH?! HAHAHA

So here we go again…

Heya! ALL you FUCKTARDS out there on….






YOU think something is wrong with us and cal us sick fucks, BUT…

Why did you click on that link or picture in the first place??? 

Why did you continue reading what our site was about when you already had a pretty descriptive picture or title?


Because YOU’RE SICK FUCKS as well!!! 

In some other fucked up ways im sure. I bet most of your dumbasses are grown perverted old men with jacked up familes and nothing better to do than to look for online porn to wack off to! Haha… And you’re just pissed off because our site isn’t porn.

bunch of ass munches….

And yet, if you’re here and seeing this BLOG, you went through the trouble of looking up information about something you absolutely can’t stand right???  


Oh yea and “Mayhem” BLOW this bitch! You’re just another idiot just giving your useless 2 cents in… following everyone else like a pathetic loser… you shmuck.

“Rcade” right back at cha… mofo…

“OrangePlus” …well it depends on how you look at it. Some say my site is just creatures eating people… BIG DEAL…  they show worse things in Hollywood movies… are their scary movies considered porn too? It’s all how each person interprets what porn is to them…  question answered… now get the fuck out!  *boot* Hahahah

raoul.duke” WTF… is that a threat BITCH? You think your words hurt me???  What is this kindergarden?  Or is that too ADVANCED for you?  I could give a GODDAM RATS ass if you POSTED crap on this BLOG. WHO the FUCK cares… it’s the FUCKIN internet. Wake up MORON… all this shit smack talkin’ is all LIP SERVICE… I’m sure when it came down to it, you’d RUN like the little BITCH that you are.

After all… I’m just a stupid kid right… and yet all you grown adults… seem to act like a bunch of idiots that are my age…  shouldn’t you be a little more responsible to teach us young folk better? You are the REASONs why kids like me are so FUCKED up in the head.

And that my friends… is why America is so FUCKED up… older men encouraging bad behavior… great role models out there…  ohh boyyy…. I can’t wait to be their age… ughhhhhh sad lonely old men…  shoot me if I ever become like you morons.

At least I have passion for something out there and I stick up for it. I don’t just tag along adding their two cents anywhere I see an opening…  now that’s pretty sad.

Welcome to the Mind of John.

Did I stutter…. motherfucker?

Let get Stupid… Dumb… & Hyphy!!! *dance of joy*

Flame them… and they will come…  *wicked evil laugh* 

keep it coming assholes…

*SIDE NOTE* Sorry for those who have seen my professional side… well this is my ghetto / asshole side… I’m a really nice professional guy when I need to be until you cross me of course.

Shocking isn’t it?  Muhahahahaaaaa….

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