Hot Fantasy Pornographic Vore Horror Stories – Pussies with Mouths!

Sexy Spider Woman in Trashy Lingerie

Sexy Spider Woman in Trashy Lingerie

We’re getting some really HOT extreme vore stories with pictures available for 2010. It’s going to be absolutely HOT! Coming soon!

Get a loaded mix of hot fantasy pornographic vore horror stories involving sexy snake women that swallows her lovers alive from head to toe, gorgeous spider women actually eating their mates after sex, exotic carnivorous plant women that trap their mates and absorbs them alive, sexy barbaric praying mantis women that consume their mates in the middle of having sex, man-eating juicy vaginas and assholes that swallow it’s owner’s lovers whole and alive, and much much more!

Have you EVER heard of or seen images of man-eating vaginas and assholes with mouths, teeth and tongues? Beware for those of you who love going down on these beauties, you may end up being swallowed whole and alive by these hungry teethed pussies and assholes! The babes who have these hideous body parts are so gorgeous that no man can resist them!!!

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