Vore in Commercials

Lately… I have noticed a lot of tib bits of vore in commercials. There’s a beer commercial somewhere that has this guy scoping out a woman by the bar. She turns out to be an alien looking for food. Guess who’s her next meal? They actually show arms coming out of her breast area that snag the poor man into her body. You see his legs shake and twitch as he dissappears. Then there’s that gotta have sweet snickers commercial I believe where the car sized ant tried to pull the man with the candy bar down it’s hole. At the end of the commercial you see him able to get out unfortunately. So that was an ALOMST vore commercial. Then there’s the commercial where the guy is by a huge lake and some creature snags him by the legs and he’s gone in an instant. I forget what the commercial was for that one.

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