As most of you have noticed, Voreville’s been going though quite a lot of changes. We’ve tried to “tone” down the front end of Voreville to keep under the radar but still trying to reach out to all the vore fans out there.

We posted on Youtube, but youtube’s policies changed and labeled our videos as inappropriate so that wasn’t as successful as we had hoped. We posted on other sites like metacafe, vsocial, dailymotion, etc… but most of the people on those sites don’t understand what VORE is and instantly flame the videos we put up. Scratch that idea…

So finally we have our OWN SAMPLE video gallery to share with visitors who are considering membership here. Most all the videos are toned down from the originals in the Member gallery to make it a bit more appropriate and less harsh for newcomers.

Our DVD is in production right now and will be availble in 2007.

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