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Finally it’s up and running. It’s a very finicky software that required much more tweaking than I had anticipated. Apache server commands, ffmpeg, flvtool2, tar, linux… what?!?! My god why do they make things so difficult. Anyhoo, it’s up and running. There’s a few things that don’t work right of course. Like no .MOV files will work and a few avi’s with weird codecs won’t work either. It’s so hit or miss. Support for the software and support on the server side didn’t know what the problem was, so oh well, I guess it is what it is for now.

If you upload a video and it doesn’t work, just send it to me and I’ll convert it and upload it for you.

Also anything outside of the typical 4:3 ratio will looked stretched unfortunately. More limitations of software “clones”

And don’t bother with the “family filter” it won’t apply to us! Just keep in mind this site will most likely be not safe for work!!!



– Stacey ^_^

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