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All future communications will be held at our Patreon page. Please refer to it for further information on our newest updates and releases.

Thank you!

Voreville Staff

Custom Sexy Model Shoot for Vore

On a side note, if anyone is interested in custom videos, Stacey is still in contact with those sexy models she worked with in the past. They all know the vore theme and what to do. They aren’t the typical models.

We can still get one full day photo/video shoot with her videographer and sexy professional model for $875-$1200 per photo shoot. It sounds like a lot, but this is a custom request to have a model pose and act any way we wish. We can have the model dress anyway we wish, but specific items will take extra time and cost will go up. We will get about 50 unique videos from this. Details can be discussed at any time, just contact me.

Here are some of the shoots Stacey has done with them in the past:

NOTE: Until I get all the old unfinished content completed and out, I won’t be trying to push any new projects just yet. This is just a heads up for anyone that is interested because the planning of this will also take time.

January 2018 Releases

As promised I was able to gather and process some of the old works that the old Voreville team worked on. This is the rest of the sexy audio that I could find. There were also some new video tests/concepts they worked on. You can find these in the member gallery now.

– 6 sexy audio vore stories
Audios were created, but no vore art was ever created for them. I will slowly get at least one art piece to go with them eventually because it will just bring the whole experience together better.

– 2 small vore video clips
The small video clips were basically edited/transformed by the last group into vore scenarios. They were never able to complete the rotoscope editing to make the female creatures their desired colors so general tints were placed over the entire clips.

Thanks everyone for your support and help with everything. There’s still a lot to go through! Stay tuned!

First Project Plan

Hold tight everyone. My first project plan is to release all the sexy audio created that were never released for the sexy audio vore stories with pictures section. The audio needs to be processed and some pictures need to be created, but they should be up on the site shortly.
Thank you everyone for your open continued support and warm welcome!

Road Map

Here’s a road map of what’s ahead.

Remember that super hot sexy voice talent Stacey hired? You know, the sexy but deadly female predator that devour her victims alive and screaming. Well, the bad news is that she’s not doing any new projects anymore. The good news is there is a bunch of them that have not been edited/prepared for public release. I want to get these live with at least a nice picture composition to go with each audio story. I also want to add in some nice eating and screaming sound effects to the audio to bring it to life! I also have access to libraries of sound effects now!

On top of all that hotness, Stacey hired a few pretty hot models to pose for vore shots and even act like monsters are chasing/eating them. There’s dozens of amazing, sexy clips with these nude and clothed models. All that was needed was some quick visual and sound effects and….voila… instant vore video clips. No more trying to make a huge production out of it!

For the smaller things like vore manipulations, I am personally working on some to keep that updated and fresh. And as Voreville once did before, any fans out there that need help, send me your image sources and I’ll piece them together into a vore scene for you and place it in our member gallery!

There’s also a handful of pure 3d animations that never got finished. I have the knowledge and know-how to complete them and get them finalized. Those will also be worked on and finally released. They MAY not look as pretty as Stacey planned but we can worry about that at a later time if fans want to us to pursue that route. As we all know, that route takes more time and money and that’s something I don’t plan on putting us through again.

Of course I can’t do this all on my own which is why I need to hire at least 1-2 artists for help, which in turn is why I need some funding and support. Feel free to support as you wish. We’ll get there again one day!

Thank you!