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VoreCraft, A Vanilla 1.8.+ Minecraft vore server Info

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 3:44 am    Post subject: VoreCraft, A Vanilla 1.8.+ Minecraft vore server Info Reply with quote

[size=150]Welcome to the VoreCraft Server![/size]
[quote="Umiriko"]approved by Umi draggie (^. .^)
such a sweet treat to find, thank you so so much, and great lil server i have to say[/quote]

This is a vanilla minecraft 1.8.8 server with spigot plugins and addons, NO mod installs needed,
Just join with your unmodded 1.8.8 minecraft (or forge if that's your preference)

We aim for all kinds of people to join, chat, build and of course, eat each other.
This is a 100% vore themed server, so if you dont like that, why are you here on aryion?
[size=150]How do I join?[/size]

First learn the rules (export from server rules.txt)
[list][1]This is a Fetish server, that includes Yiff/vore/unbirthing/other kind of werid fetishes If you dont know what a fetish is, then please don't join.
[2] You need to be over 18+ on this server to play. Sorry, No minors.
[3]Use common sense, No griefing,stealing,raiding,rudeness (unless rp).
[3.1] No void holes.
[3.2] Be mindful of other people
[3.3] Take RP into private when asked to do so.
[3.4] Dont be a dick/jerk, Be kind and nice to everyone new
[3.5] Non vore-pvp is stricly forbidden unless both parties agree.
[3.6] No Hacked clients/xray packs
[3.7] No annoying fonts, that includes upsidedown fonts.
[3.8] No spamming!
[4] This server has semi serious RP, Feel free to break fourth wall any time though.
[5] All shops in /warp market must be working! (or marked out of stock)[/list]
(These rules are ofcourse in addition to [url=http://aryion.com/rules]Eka's domainwide rules[/url], with exception to rule 14 and rule 3)

Grab the IP below and join.

IP: vorecraft.lethargiclion.net:25569

[size=150][b]Recommended mods ( not needed )[/b][/size]
[url=http://optifine.net/adloadx?f=OptiFine_1.8.0_HD_U_H2.jar]Optifine for 1.8[/url]
[url=http://chickenbones.net/maven/codechicken/CodeChickenCore/1.8-]CodeChickenCore - Required for NotEnoughItems[/url]
[url=http://chickenbones.net/maven/codechicken/NotEnoughItems/1.8-]NotEnoughItems (Recipe helper)[/url]
#the mpm mod allows you to change your playermodel, and since the server is using a special plugin that shares the models data, you can even see other people's chars!
#Thats right, You can see everyones tails/ears/cocks and what kind of fuzz they are!
[url=http://jenkins.liteloader.com/job/LiteLoaderInstaller/]LiteLoader - Required for wecui[/url]
[url=http://eq2.co.uk/minecraft/mods/thirdparty/mod_worldeditcui_1.8.0_03_lite_mc1.8.litemod]Worldedit CUI (visualises wand selections)[/url]

[size=130][b]How to install[/b][/size]
[size=85]Vanilla launcher[/size]
[*]install forge with the handy installer from the link above.
[*]it should create a new profile on your minecraft launcher called FORGE.
[*]#Click on the forge profile, it should say "now Ready to play Minecraft forge 1.8 - "
[*]This is to create a mods folder, just run the forge profile and see if everything works
[*]naturally close minecraft after[/list]
2. Grab the mods from the list above the spoiler and put them in .minecraft/mods
3, Run minecraft with the forge profile on.

4. Done! go onto the server and press f12 to edit your char![/spoiler]
[size=85]MultiMC launcher (Easier)[/size]
[spoiler][list][*][url=http://multimc.org/#Download%20&%20Install]Download MultiMC[/url] if you haven't already
[*]Unzip MultiMC, put it somewhere you remember. then doubleclick multimc.exe
[*]Click the shining paper icon in the top left corner.
[*]Click the import modpack in the popup window called "New Instance"
[*]Delete the stuff there, paste in http://vorecraft.lethargiclion.net/vorecraft.zip
[*]Installation done, doubleclick the new icon in the gui called vorecraft.
[*]Join the server! it should already be in the server gui.[/list]
Q: HELP "Error occurred during initialization of VMCould not reserve enough space for..."
A: Select instance icon, click instance settings. click auto-detect: select a 64 bit java there.
A: If you do not have a 64 bit java, go get one :P[/spoiler]

[size=150]Vore types[/size]
What kind of vore do you have?
We have oral, anal, unbirthing, cock vore, digestion, and others.
If you dont like any of it, don't worry, all the builds have information signs that show you what kind of interactions it has.
(well, some do, you'll figure it out :p)

[quote="weirdo2000"]and really its minecraft, its just blocks, It wont hurt you.[/quote]

[size=150]Vore plugin[/size]
Also we have the new improved vore plugin!
This allows you to eat people and other animals.
[*]/vo help - Shows you the help and commands.
[*]/vo pred - Turns you into a pred. This command can also be expanded by adding vore types after it. ie: oral,cock,unbirth,tail,absorb,pouch.
[*]For example do /vore pred cock
[*]/vo prey - Turns you into a prey. Be careful of hungry preds!
[*]/vo predprey Makes you a switch, able to nom ppl, and be nommed by ppl
[*]/vo digest - Digests your prey.
[*]/vo release - Releases your prey.
[*]/vo dispose - Disposes of your prey in a new neat, compacted form.
[*]/vo stop - Stops the fun and roleplay in case you are uncomfortable, or if you are stuck.
[*]/vo setstomach This command sets your your belly to your location,
This is all in beta so expect some bugs!
If you find any bugs please post them to IRC http://tiny.cc/NightIRC
or here [url=https://bitbucket.org/alekso56/voreplugin/issues?status=new&status=open]Bug tracker[/url]

[size=150]Vore Builds[/size]
With the new Vore beta plugin you can now build your own custom stomach!
Being tired of having a to big small fleshy stomach when you are a giant slime?
No worries, Just build one at /warp art, and then do /vo pred predtype - and /vo setstomach
Now everyone can watch your slimy squishy insides!
(Staff takes no responsibilities if your stomach springs a leak)


World map

Naga, :)


Giant anthro nightfury

Vore lady Tina
More pics coming soonTM

Q: Can i join without a minecraft account?
A: No, You need to buy the game and join with the terrible name you got.
(you can change your mc user name here if you really got a terrible one)

Q: Is this a cracked server?
A: No

Q: Is this a modded server/can i get the link to the modded server
A: No, this is the vanilla server, Just join with 1.8.8

Q: Can i build on the server?
A: Yeah feel free to build anything you like!

Q: Can i join with minecraft 1.8.1 1.8.2 1.8.3 .. etc
A: Any 1.8 should be fine, but the latest 1.8.8 is recommended :)

Q: Can i join with 1.7 or older minecraft?
A: obviously no, Get minecraft 1.8

Q: I cant download the texture pack from the server :c
A: Try manually download it from [url=http://cax.no/Nightfury.zip]here[/url]

Q: How do i best contact with you or any of the ops?
A: Join our IRC channel! :D http://tiny.cc/voreirc

Q: I cant connect, Unkown host or cant resolve Hostname
A: Something is wrong with the DNS, try direct connect to night.cax.no

Q: Where can I hear about news about the server, or see new art / pictures of the server?
A: We have sub-forums just for you! The links are right here.
- [url=https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=45539]News[/url] - [url=https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=45060]Stories[/url] - [url=https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=44523]Art[/url] - [url=https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=44616]Suggestions[/url] - [url=https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=44579]Offtopic[/url] - [url=https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=98&t=44534]Ban appeals[/url] -

Q: where can i give you all my monies?!?!
A: https://cax.no/work.html (work in progress)
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