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Erotic Vore Art

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As always, we’d like to THANK everyone for your continued support. Due to hard economic times and the cost of running the site, we had to think of a new plan to reach out to more fans out there. DO NOT be alarmed if you run across our new sister site which will have the some of the SAME material. The vore community is small and therefore not enough to keep us running.

Our “EviL AleX” specialized in crazy extreme manips and cannibal fakes for eatmebaby at eroticperil when it was live. We thought our vore art would go well with all the works combined, creating one mega extreme Photoshop fake / manipulation website that people could go to for ANY type of manipulation, not just “vore”. If you’re already a fan of us here, you won’t really need to join over there unless you enjoy high quality hot celebrity fakes, fake my wife requests, and all the blood and gore you can think of minus the vore videos, animations, and stories. Newcomer Val, old timer Paul and evil Alex will be running that site while RaYzoR and I continue to run Voreville.

EvilAlex still runs EROTICPERIL.COM as well. If you have never seen his amazing extreme cannibal art, definitely check it out. It's so real looking, but of course it's all faked in photoshop.

EroticPeril - Extreme Cannibal Dolcett Art


And a NSFW variety fetish site SEXSTACEY.COM. There you'll find sexy legs, sexy lingerie, and sexy feet pics and videos. If you're a foot fetish fan, she has the most beautiful looking feet you have ever seen! Super HQ photos for your ultimate viewing pleasure!

Sexy Lingerie, Sexy Legs, Sexy Feet


Are you looking for some CLEAN PG type content? Not really into the hardcore XXX fucking, pussy, cock scene? Not really into seeing fine ass women get eaten by monsters all the time? You just want some pure CLEAN sexy eye candy, right? Well our sexy Stacey has been working hard on her new sexy HOT website HOTGIRLS3D.COM. Of course at Voreville, her perfect sexy 3d models won’t survive here because vore fans just want to see them eaten right away!

Sexy Stacey's Hot Girls 3D


At our sister site IRONDONG.COM (adult only) we turn her clean sexy models into straight up naughty porn stars for all the 18+ 3D porn fans out there but only adults can enjoy the smutt! Now comes Stacey’s site where you get CLEAN eye candy fun. No smutt, just clean sexy, really hot women in skimpy sexy outfits, hot bikini’s and kinky costumes! You KNOW we just have to get a snake eating one of her models soon! Muahahahahaa *evil laugh*

3D Porn - CG Porn - Computer Generated Porn


SUPERHEROINEPERILS.COM is our latest and greatest new idea. Sexy hot super babes in distress, torture, humilation, sex and erotic death situations. This is not your ordinary, happy ending comic strip website! The heroes actually die!

Sexy SuperHeroine Perils


TWITCHINGFEET.COM is for all you foot fetish lovers out there who need something different. Something unique, unlike all the other boring foot teases you see out there! Sexy women feet in peril!

Sexy Feet in Peril


FANTASYFETISHSHOP.COM is our online erotic store! There you can purchase customized erotic art, photography, animation & videos to your liking. We are slowly adding content.

Fantasy Fetish Shop




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