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Once you are a member you will have access to an online media center with all manipulations, mini animations, videos, and newsletters in one simple easy to use interface. To access the member gallery you MUST first join on our JOIN page. Please read and evaluate all samples before joining. This is NOT a snuff site. It's erotic VORE art, stories, and animation. Do you need to contact someone? Select the "contact" tab on the top right of this page.

Video Viewing Problems?
In the old gallery, most of our movies are encoded with DIVX. Movies will NOT play unless you have to codec installed. Please visit http://www.divx.com/divx/play/download/ if you do not have the DIVX codec installed. Gif animations can be downloaded and played / dragged on any browser to view them. If you are NOT seeing video but hear sounds in your media viewer, that is because you do not have the DIVX codec installed.

In the new gallery, as long as you have Flash installed and the hardware you have is capable of running it, then you'll be fine.

Login Problems?
If you are experiencing logging in porblems, please be sure to TYPE out your username and password. Sometimes copying and pasting creates extra characters that will error out your login. If you are still having problems, be sure to clear your web browswer cache and try again. Cookies will need to be enabled as well.


Browser Lock-ups / Stalling?
Member videos are large in size. We do not have a streaming server so videos will sometimes NOT play right away. Please be patient.




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