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Voreville DVD I

Monster Vore 65THE VOREVILLE DVD IS RATED "R" and is AVAILABLE for purchase.
Full rendered animations at 720 x 480 crystal clear DVD video with sample rate: 44 - 16KHz sound with professional DVD interactive menu (NTSC).



The DVD will be shipped discreetly in a DVD Mailer with Soft Inner Sleeve. It's a sturdy mailer with a Univenture Jewelpak with safety lining. Clear, durable 100% polypropylene sleeve with patented Safety-sleeve protection. Holds single disc and graphic booklet (or 2 discs without booklet) with a lift up window for easy access to disc. This mailer weighs 2 ounces with sleeve and one disc. Easy tear strip opening. Mailer dimensions: 6 x 6 inches. Sleeve dimensions: 5.25 x 5 inches. For those who wish to customize our DVD, the DVD surface itself will be left blank for you to design your own DVD labels.

(NTSC 4:3 DVD of all of the listed items below AS WELL AS PSP and IPOD encoded videos) (People who need the PAL format are out of luck, sorry. You'll have to find someway to convert NTSC to PAL).

An additional DVD-ROM portion of the DVD will include all videos encoded and sized for the Sony Playstation Portable (PSP) and the Apple IPOD. No encoding or re-sizing necessary, just use the correct procedures for each device to upload the files from your computer to the device. Payment options will be given at the time of ordering.

psp view


DOWNLOAD and TEST our vidoes on your IPOD or PSP!


ipod view







"Masterbating Maiden" - Snake Vore Animation. Five different camera views. Today, a beautiful lingerie model was eaten alive by an enormous snake that somehow got into her bedroom. The sexy beauty was masterbating on her bed when all of the sudden the beast attacked and devoured her head first. Her struggles did not help and she became a tasty meal for the mutant snake.

"Masterbating Maiden Aftermath" - Snake Vore Animation. One camera view. Due to increase requests to see what happens after the devouring, this short clip shows our helpless maiden struggling to free herself as the snakes digestive juices kick in.

"Eaten Ass First" - Snake Vore Animation. Five different camera views. For those of you who requested more intense devourings this one will make you shriek. Cindy thought it would be great to surprise her boyfriend with a special Valentine's Day treat. Little did she know that she was going to be the treat for his huge mutant snake that got loose that night. Watch as bunny Cindy is caught and swallowed alive whole but enjoys every minute of it.

"Eat & Run" - Alien Vore Animation. One camera. Member request. Two different clothing/lingerie. A hooker in sexy black lingerie is scoped out by two aliens driving by and looking for food. Guess who's their next meal?

"Erotic Devour" - Alien Vore Animation. One camera. Member request. A sexy ballerina is confronted by an alien and gets an intense orgasm as it devours her alive.

"Feeding Area" - Alien Vore Animation. Extra short camera angles. THREE different clothing/lingerie/costume. Woman in white lingerie / black lingerie / (lil' bo peep costume) Gets Eaten for sitting in the wrong place!

"Fresh Catch" - Plant Vore Animation. One camera. A sexy woman wearing only her bra and panty becomes plant food. She enjoys a short orgasm just before the plant absorbs her succulent body.

"Late Night Snack" - Plant Vore Animation. Muliple camera views. A woman goes downstairs to get a late night snake and becomes the actual snack. The goo she steps in is a paralyzing substance that acts on contact....

"Midday Munchies" - Monster Vore Animation. Multiple camera views. A mysterious monster attacks from above... snatching up snd devouring it's latest victim.

"MK Vore Fatality" - Kitana is the victim of a new vore fatality in her fight in a Mortal Kombat match against the huge worm we used in our "Worm Food" piece.

"Hoes Doeuvre" - A sexy maiden is served on a platter on Planet Vore's well known restaurant.

"Worm Food" - Monster Worm Vore Animation. 11 different camera views and tests. A beautiful naked woman is eaten alive by a huge alien worm that some how crawled its way though the vents of the unsuspecting victim's house. The sexy beauty was making love to her lover when all of the sudden she was snatched up by the hideous creature.

"Feet First Snake Devouring" - Our first clip of a snake feet first devouring.

"Rancors Feeding Time" - Series of clips of Rancor chomping down on it's latest meal!

"Kiss of the Spiderdemon" - Spider Vore Animation. Various camera views. Member request. In Part 1 we descend upon our sexy spider demon eating away from being in hibernation for 100 years. This dame is hungry!!! She devours two already caught victims as appetizers before the third appetizer arrives.

"Double The Pleasure" - Monster Vore Animation. One camera view. Two brave sexy sisters battle it out with an ugly tentacle beast but do not succeed. The monster eventually over powers the sexy two-some and has them both for supper.


Red Slug / Blob Vore Video - Video & CG mix (Stacey's fishnet feet being enveloped the slug / blob creature)

Snake Swallowing Vore Video - Video & CG mix (Stacey's fishnet legs being swallowed alive) Monster

Stomach Digest Vore Video - Video (Stacey's sexy feet and toes being digested in the monster's stomach) *

ALEX's current SEXYCGP Animations with sexy sounds are INCLUDED.

* A music COMPILATION of our most popular test animations, videos, gif animations, and photomanipulations is INCLUDED.

* A music COMPILATION of our sexy Stacey's HOT photos.

This DVD is a SUPPLEMENT to the website which will allow the user to view our animations as FULL resolution on a computer or DVD player. This DVD will contain all our animations listed above with some fixes and added scenes or alternate clothing render never seen before on our website. No newsletters or entire main gallery will be included on the DVD.



By Purchasing this adult DVD, You MUST Agree to ALL Terms. This adult DVD contains nudity and adult oriented material. If you are under 18 years of age (21 in some areas) or if you are not of legal age to view and possess adult oriented material in your country or locality you may not purchase this DVD. In order to purchase this adult DVD, you must fully understand and agree to the following terms and conditions. Terms and Conditions:

* You must be of legal age in your country of origin to view and possess adult material, including sexually explicit images.

* You must fully understand the laws and standards of the community to which you are transporting this adult material and you must assume all the liability for violating such laws and standard by entering this site.

* You may not allow any minor to view any of the material or images found by accessing this adult DVD.

* By purchasing this DVD, you are releasing and discharging the providers, owners and creators of this site from any and all liability which might arise including all legal fees.

* All models and talent herein including pictures, video or any type of film medium are over the age of 18 and are legally consenting participants.

* I fully understand that I am committing perjury by purchasing this adult DVD if I am not of legal age or if forbidden by local laws.

* You must fully understand and acknowledge that you may be in violation of local and federal laws if you breach any of these terms and conditions.

* I subscribe to the principles of the First Amendment which holds that free adult Americans have the right to decide for themselves what they will read and view without governmental interference.

Please note: As important as the above legal statements, the owners and staff of Voreville want you to know that the animations and videos available for purchase on this adult DVD do not reflect our political, social or personal views in any way. These films are meant as entertainment for adults and not representations of our respective social mores or feelings regarding sexuality and how it should be approached in the real world. It is our feeling that sexual congress between consenting adults should be entered into with respect and safety in mind. Outside of the realm of fantasy and its visual representation on film or video, human bodies and minds are not commodities to be bought, sold, used or abused.

I AGREE - EMAIL US here. In the subject line of your email be sure to put "DVD ORDER". Any emails not following these simple instructions will be ignored. US shipping ONLY.




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