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Other Developments in the Interim – Member Updates &

Despite my team’s shutdown of production for now, supporting members still wish to contribute to our member gallery so we will allow members to continually update the member gallery with their works while my team in is on it’s indefinite hiatus at this point in time.

Thank you again for your support through these difficult times. Please support these artists as well since they are putting their time and energy into making this special vore art for all of us.

Since my entire team is on a indefinite hiatus, I have some time now to do some research. I have decided to start up This is my first attempt at this so please be patient if something isn’t working right. Let me know and I will take a look into it. I am doing this because I want to hone my website management skills in the interim.

Over the years, YouTube has been deleting our accounts and limiting us on what we can and cannot post. John wanted to get this going, but he never had time. He left me with a few great tools to get this going so I’m going to try to get it up and running now. The vore community will finally have a place to post whatever vore related videos, pictures, and sounds they want without worrying whether your account will be deleted for inappropriate content. Because it’s vore themed, most of the content WILL BE inappropriate. It will be just like YouTube, where you can have your own accounts. You will be able to setup your own favorites lists, upload your own vore favorites, play videos instantly instead of having to download and watch them, rate and comment on all the postings as well.

The only rule you have to abide by is that whatever you post it has to be vore related. If it’s not vore related, then it will be not be approved or removed if found. It can even be RAW materials for people to make vore art with. Raw materials must be approved by the videographer / arist(s) who made the raw materials. There will be a special section for that too.

If posting preview works from an artist, please give them credits and link to their works or website(s). DO NOT POST any videos from ANY artists’ member only galleries. I am trying to support the artists in the vore community, not rip them off! We already know where that leads to! If you see any unapproved postings of your works, please let me know and I will remove it.

I’ll give this a try and see how it goes. Any input (like a better idea for categories of videos, pictures, etc) would be appreciated. Enjoy!

*** CORRECTION! Video UPLOADING IS NOT WORKING, but photo and audio uploads are. You can still setup your accounts and make them pretty! 😛 ***

Voreville Torrents… Seriously People???

Okay, Voreville is stopping production until ALL torrents and links to torrents are removed from the internet.

Seriously “Nuthinbutvore” you didn’t like the animation yet you posted a link to encourage people to download it???

Way to go buddy. You just ruined it for everyone.

For those of you who DO care about Voreville, then you’ll all put your complaints in to remove files like that. Until this is done, we’ll just stop producing new works. Google “voreville torrent” and get as many of those files removed and we’ll start up again.

It’s that simple.

You don’t work for free, and neither do we.

11,500 results in Google, better get “crackin”

– Stacey

Jessica’s Jog by Ryan C – Plant Vore Animation – Now Available!
Jessica\'s Jog by Ryan C Voreville Exclusive Plant Vore Animation

Jessica's Jog by Ryan C Voreville Exclusive Plant Vore Animation

Ryan C’s “Jessica’s Jog” can now be seen at and! This amazing animation piece idea was commissioned by Flipper of the DisturbedThings Forum back in April 2008. Last year we funded this project and Ryan went to town with it!

You have two great options to see Ryan’s latest release and any other new vore art that has been recently released by our team:

Visitors new to our sites who have never seen any of our works, will better suit you. You’ll have access to over 2000+ vore related files.

Visitors who already know who we are and have already seen most of our works, will better suit you. You can now see all our newest stuff at a lower initial rate without having to pay full price for all the works you have already seen.

BOTH sites will always be updated with our latest works.

Only will have the special extras like, occasional special releases never advertised, previews of works in progress, and all our successful and failed test animation attempts.


– New art from “Maryanna” added

– Dr. Teeth from the Disturbed Forums will be working on a new exclusive Voreville animation release this year.

– Voreville members will be able to see how our first tests with DIDVP went in the next coming weeks.

– We are already working with Ryan for his next Voreville exclusive vore animation as well.

CGI / Live Action Fun!

After so many years of wanting to do this, we’re finally getting a chance to do it!!!

Our progress with attempting to mix CGI with live action for our vore collaboration projects is coming along. After quick initial tests with DVDIP and PKFStudios, we are realizing that it’s going to take quite a few tries to get it perfect. And since this a job after our normal jobs, we may not have something really solid for the next few months. Rest assured though, when we do nail a good process, we want to make CGI / live action shots just as good as they do in movies! Well maybe not just as good, but very close. It will just take a great deal of trial and error. And of course we’ll only do vore / eating scenes!

Every model out there will want to be eaten by our monsters!!!

And speaking of models, all we can say is WOW. We have been working closely with TWO excellent studios that work with super hot models.

John at PKFStudios shot us some spectacular nudes to test with. His shots are a little more tricky because the model moves and shakes a lot, which makes it difficult to match the CGI with the model/actress. In order to get this perfect, we need to go frame by frame to make sure the CGI doesn’t look like it’s floating. But overall, thanks for the test videos John! We’ll come up with something to get it working!

Then Michael at DIDVP sent us some absolutely amazing video clips of his models perfectly acting out a quick short story snake vore sequence. That’s 4 gorgeous fetish / lingerie models that we’re working with now on our first vore project. We’re surely going to post those beauties here on our blog as we start doing all our tests with them! They’re super sexy HOT so stay tuned! Thank you Michael!

What’s great about ALL these test clips is that we can try different types of vore with them! A lot of the shots look like we can incorporate just about ANY creature into them (monster worms, bugs, plants, blobs, you name it! We may even be able to do some great spider vore clips with them as well!

Check out these beautiful and talented models and support them!

Ludella Hahn

Leila Hazlett


“Rita Lolita”

We just waant to thank you models for doing such a great job with this already!!!

Here’s a snake lighting match video test we started with Ludella’s sexy shoot.

DIDVP VOREVILLE Ludella Snake Vore Lighting & Materials Test 01

DIDVP VOREVILLE Ludella Snake Vore Lighting & Materials Test 01

– Stacey ^_^

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