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Now Back to the Good Stuff – VORE

We’re getting back up to speed and looking for more help! Since we can’t find and hire help fast enough, maybe we can tap into people’s desires to see themselves eaten in their own created videos!

Have you ever had dreams of monsters and aliens attacking you and swallowing you whole?

Have you ever wanted to see yourself eaten by creatures and bugs like in movies?

Well, now is the time! I am not sure where John left off, but I am going to try to make the sexiest special effects vore video clips out there and I need your help! Any vore models out there want to work on short projects together? I really would not involve a lot on your part, just some acting skills and someone to video tape you in peril or struggling. The files can be sent back and forth digitally since most video cameras are digital.

This is a fully detailed list of what I need. All of it would be great, but I’ll take anything I can get for this test project!

My plan is to have a special effects piece of huge python or a huge worm creature attack and swallow a sexy lingerie model whole! If you have sexy, trashy lingerie, that’s what I need in these clips!!! I’m not looking any nude clips at this time. ^_^

Thanks in advance!!!

Here’s a still sample of what I am talking about. I am being eaten by a huge monster snake!!! I want this to be actual video now! I took those pictures a few years ago so I wouldn’t be the hottest item right now! ūüėõ

Fantasy Fetish Snake Food

Here are samples of what I’ll need! It’s a tall order but what I have in planned for us is even bigger!
– I need clips exactly like how this girl is on the floor struggling face down at ALL angles so we can merge them together later
– I need close clips of her feet with NO shoes kicking too. (We’ll be doing videos like this but with 3D monsters)
– Same video but this time we’ll need everything the same as above but she’ll be struggling face up on the ground.
– Need the first part of the screaming clips in this video.
– I need various short clips of her screaming.
– Have her screaming like she’s more terrified (the girls in the video look like they are having too much fun).
– Have her positioned in the same way hands under her butt, and legs in the air.
– Have her just hold the position for 30 seconds with some slight movement.
– Then have her kick at the knees as few times. Kick from the knees just like the animation.
– Do not kick with her whole leg from the hips.
– Have her keep kicking faster and faster.
– Then her legs just go limp and drop to the ground
– Ends with a few twitches
– I need a clip just like this but in the regular lighting.
– I need a side view of her being dragged out of the still camera frame
– I need clips just like this of our model struggling and dying.
– Notice the small slight movement and twtiches even after she’s subdued.
– As an addition to this clip, we’ll need her to be very slowly dragged away from the still camera.
– I’ll need a clip like this but our model with no shoes. She’ll need to hang and dangle like the woman in the clip.
– She’ll need to be dangling higher from the ground than the woman in the video
– Model should twitch and do more spasms like she’s really suffocating.
– I’d like shots like this so we can make it look like tentacles have the model instead
– Good dangling shots
– I need shots with our model struggling like this woman in this video
– I need just that really short clip where the girl drops with eyes opened (our model can drop to the floor)

I need her to pretend something has got her by the neck and close up shots of her feet kicking in the air like these two videos:

– Stacey ^_^


This is for those of you who have been loyal fans supporting us and coming to visit our website throughout the years. We won’t be doing this every year at this time, so those of you who do see this and you’ve always wanted to check out our member gallery, you’re in luck!


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The sign up processes will be the SAME. You will KNOW when the special is in EFFECT because you will see an ADDITIONAL “BLACK FRIDAY” OPTION when signing up. So please follow directions as usual. If you have ANY questions/doubts before joining, please feel free to email us at teamstaceyli [at] gmail [dotcom] before joining.

Thanks again for your continued support!

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Voreville Animations is Back!!!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a steady flow of vore animations. After RaYzor dropped out of the scene we had no animators to help us. The great animators we found through the 2009 contests became busy with other things. That’s just life. We understand.

This time around we have more talent and better lighting techniques! These new animations should look pretty damn HOT! We searched the entire globe for vore animators and finally it has paid off! We have found a few talented animators that can surely get the job done!

Stay tuned vore fans, we’ll have some great vore animations coming your way in the following months!

We also have a special BRAND NEW exclusive Voreville animation release from Ryan C soon as well!

Current NEW animation projects in progress:

– Ryan C’s NEW plant vore animation
– Davo’s Mantrap devours sexy hot maiden walking by
– Lindwurm gobbles up terrified girl pleading not to eat her
– Roku eats girl alive while she’s trying to feed it
– Python swallows girl whole and alive

Monsters Galore!

We’re going to have some really crazy¬†cool monsters chomping away soon after our Spider Demon piece… we’re developing them as we go… here’s one of them…


Stay tuned for our planned DVD release too!

And for those of you wondering what’s up and coming here at Voreville… this is what we are planning. We’re still not sure when we’ll be able to get them done because we’re a bit short on help, but here are some of the Vore story animations that we are toying with. Thanks members for your great ideas as well! We’re also going to try doing more feet first animations like many of you have suggested!

“Sister Sister” – Two sexy superhero sisters fight a huge¬†hungry ugly beast and¬†battle it out to the end – both however don’t make it unfortunately for them and become plant food!¬†

¬†– A huge all teeth looking ugly drooling beast that eats everything in it’s path. Maybe we’ll stick it in an alien strip club when the sexy human stippers have to dance to save their behinds. These strippers were captured on earth and brough back to the alien planet for the purpose of entertainment….¬†¬† and FOOD. If the beast doesn’t feel the stripper is doing a great job entertaining, he’ll devour her there on the spot.

– Here we have a scene at the alien planet in a popular alien restaurant. What do you think they server here? Sorry only prime sexy ladies are considered, all other applicants will be returned to earth or used as alien fertilizer! Food is very fresh! Still moving on the plate when served!

– Alien factory scene – here’s how they process humans in the alien world. This is the alien factory conveyor belt which smooths production and ensures the aliens a fresh product… and mass processing of humans.

– Early morning breakfast on the alien planet with the “Munchers” – Mom is cooking up some humans for the kids early morning breakfast before they go off to school. This one is not for the faint of heart because we have a juicer blender scene in this one! And¬†you thought the frying pan ideas was bad enough!- “Monster in the Dumpster” a woman goes toss the trash outside in the dumpster but gets a big surprise! Her screams are muffled by the monsters many tentacles which drags her¬†back into the dumpster to devour her alive.

–¬†Creature Under the Bed” a woman is relaxing on her bed when all of the sudden she hears a noise under the bed. She debates whether to investigate but does it anyway out of curiousity. Unfortunately for her, her curiosity lead to her demise.”Playmonster mansion” – Here sexy humans are either used as¬†hostesses¬†or hors d’oeuvres…¬† they will never know when their last service will be. It goes by the luck of the draw and whatever alien beast just wants entertainment or is just ready to have a snack.

Eventually, we’d like to get more into tentacle vore as well.

All wrapped up


“All wrapped up” is our next vore animation piece. We’ve done snake vore animations, plant vore animations, monster and alien vore animations, so now it’s time for some SPIDER VORE! Of course as we continue to learn new techniques along the way, we may revisit or redesign an old piece as well! So everything is very dynamic here at Voreville.

We are currently working on a nice sexy but mean spider demon for our main predator in this piece. Test shots of her will be posted shortly.

We are currently building the spider demon’s lair which will be full of live and drained coocoons. You will see some victims still stuggling in their cocoons. Those should add a nice creepy touch to the animation. We are going to try to make this into a complete little story. Most of our other animations usually jump right into the vore. The piece will be longer in length for all those of you who want to see longer animations. Again, it will take longer, but I think the end piece will be more rewarding with a full story.

I am an avid fan of spider vore. Spider vore is… in a way “implied” vore since you won’t see a spider open it’s mouth to eat it’s prey. Spider vore works great for me because I get to use my imagination on how the victim is being eaten. Spiders usually paralyze their victims before anything else. Once the victim is paralyzed, it proceeds to wrap it’s victim up, like a nice little food package. After wrapping the victim, it can then suck it dry right then and there, or store it later for a late night snack. Geeeez, can you imagine what the poor victim is thinking as is lays paralyzed waiting to be a delicious succulent meal.

Well imagine that whole senario completely fantasized and role played by someone in real life. Yes, that’s right, role played. For one of our Voreville photoshoots I had¬†Stacey pose¬†in this super HOT SEXY black lingerie set that we are trying to photo manipulate now to make her look like a half human / half spider woman / black widow. Go check out her site for the un manipulated shots… THEY ARE HOT… whew… where was I at… oh anyway, as I was saying… the whole sexy tough dominatrix black widow takes complete control idea really does it for me. I guess it’s the whole woman takes control. I love it when I release my power to someone. And what better combination than a black widow human that eats her mate after sex. She uses his erect penis as a sucking straw to inject her poison that paralyzes and liquifies his insides which she sucks the living day lights out of him. And all that’s left is a human husk and a sexy black widow mutant human that just claimed it’s millionth victim. So when you role play this spider vore you can incorporate other fetishes as well. To simulate the wrapping/cocooning process, bondage comes into play where you can wrap your partner in saran wrap, a silk case, or roll them up in sheets. That is the “encasement/cocooning” fetish where a person is completely wrapped up and almost completely deprived of air. So now you can see a small connection from one fetish to another. It’s really a fun and exciting world if you’re into fetishes! Everyone should try experimenting!

Well one of our artists express how much he loved a clip he saw on TV as a young boy where a women transforms into a spider-woman, walks up to a man stuck in her web, and sucks him dry. They actually show the guy being drained to a husk. It was one of the little stories in the Tales From the Crypt episodes and he’s been looking for that episode for years now. If you know of any video clips like that or know of the actual name of the episode, he’d be happy to hear from you. Contact us if you know what I’m describing here. Thanks! (1.7 MB) (4.4 MB) (2.3 MB)