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Sexy legs vore resources – The perfect gallery to find sexy legs for vore manipulations!

Talk about the perfect vore resource. This sexy legs only gallery will help vore artists create the perfect vore manip, especially head first vore!

Sexy Legs Only Gallery - Hot Legs - Long Legs - Silky Legs - Sexy Nylons

Sexy Legs Only Gallery - Hot Legs - Long Legs - Silky Legs - Sexy Nylons


Finally a nice little website that sticks all your favorites in one place. Cool STUFF! Now we can list ALL the places we’re at on the internet.

If you haven’t heard about us yet check this out!

Vore, Voreville, Eaten Alive, Damsels In Distress, Erotic Peril, Fantasy Art, Erotic Art, Vore Art, Vore Porn

Here are some interesting search words and phrases people out there use to find us if they don’t know it’s called “VORE”

snake eats woman
snake swallows man
python swallows woman
man-eating snakes
snake eats girl
snake eats human
spider eats woman
spider eats girl
spider eats human
she eats him
he eats her
he is eaten
she is eaten
she devours him
he devours her
eaten alive
blob eats
she becomes a meal
prey is eaten
eat and be eaten
eat or be eaten
predator eats prey
femme fatal
sexy vamp
vampire woman
spider demon
tentacle porn
fantasy porn

Vore Fetish Resources

Vore Resources/sites on the Internet

The vore community is relatively small and we still find people stumbling to us from the vast internet telling us they never knew that there was an actual term for vore. So we’re glad to have open arms for these people to let them know they are not alone out there.

Yes it’s a fantasy/fetish you can’t just tell anyone about. Most people will look at you like you are crazy if you mention this sort of thing to them. We’ll, we say, it’s prefectly ok… there are many other more wierd fetishes out there than this! I’d rather photoshop shit into someone’s month rather than eating it… but hey, it takes ALL KINDS of people to make a world. Check out Vorarephile >>> for a HUGE list of links and resources to more vore sites on the internet for those interested.

Happy hunting!

Here are some of the keywords that people told us that they searched google with BEFORE they knew it was called “VORE”

names you called it before you knew it was vore, or searches you do on google to find this stuff.

(damsels in distress, eaten, eaten alive, alien food, monster eat, he eats her, she eats him, he is eaten, she is eaten, she devours, he devours, it eats, blob monster, he is liquified, she is liquified, sucked dry, becomes her meal, becomes his meal, he is wrapped, she is wrapped, insides are liquified, blobbed, swallowed whole, swallowed alive, feet kicking, monster jaws, tentacle beast, beastmaster… and the list goes on…)