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Ruined Surprise

Hello everyone,

This is Stacey. I was hoping to bring great news to the long-time fans of Voreville by this winter break. It was supposed to be a surprise for everyone. Being part owner of this for many years, I really wanted to give something back to the vore community again, but unfortunately we had another set back. I used funding from Voreville memberships to fund an amazing realistic snake project. The goal was to get our hands on a realistic snake model exactly like the one in the CoOperative Bank commercial. We had a sexy model slated for acting out the part of being coiled and eaten alive by it. I got RaYzoR back to help work on the effects. I had posted this on Elance to find the very best artists in the world.

We thought we found the perfect group, but apparently not. You be the judge. Does this look ANYTHING close to the snake in the bank commercial??? Apparently it does to them. Another huge chunk of time and money wasted! They refused to give even 1/2 a refund and we ended up with nothing to work with. Thanks for a huge waste of time Sugarbricks!

They even closed the job before we could even post an honest review of the product. Granted they are good with other 3d or multimedia programs, they are NOT suited to do 3dsmax or Vray work, something we needed to have because of OUR pipeline. They should NOT have bided on our project knowing that 3dsmax was not their specialty. They mislead me into thinking that from the beginning.

So now, we are out $$$ that we saved from the memberships over the past year and back to the dying hole we were in. It’s mainly my fault for always wanting to really push the boundaries for movie quality vore visual effects. I finally just realized that no one cares… they just want vore… simple is better… I always thought that if it looks more real, it’s that much more erotic.

Can you guess which is the one we wanted that was in a commercial?



Portal of Flamers…

Well, looks like there’s quite a few angry people out there. I said I’ve changed my ways… that I won’t flame idiot posts like I used to. It’s just a WASTE of time and energy. I’m BEYOND that lame shit…. BUT YOU know what? WHY not….it’s just too fucking fun pissing people off. I love it. Is hilarious.

You know fellas, anyone can talk shit, but half the guys who do are really the BIGGEST pussies in real life. Ain’t that right “Repomancer” and “You Got Skruud”? Ya both still living at home at the age of 46 with your mommy on the farm sharing a single bed with all three of you spoonin? Is that why you both enjoy fucking goats so much???

YEAH YOU HEARD ME, you pencil dick, GOAT fucking, farm boy faggot, motherfuckers. Nice MORONIC picture you have there on the net. Is that your mommy in the background fucking you from behind with her dildo? Damn you both are some BUTT UGLY ass people! HOLY SHIT… Something REALLY needs to vore your UGLY asses soon. HAHAHAHAHA

Flame them… and they will come…

To all you pathetic lonely men trying to find something to wack off to at the ConsumptionJunction..


You guys post a VIDEO from my site…. something that my crew and I created. And then you bitch that I SPAM??? FUCK YOU. You can BAN me from there but rest assured. IF you’re here and see this, I GET THE LAST WORD you fucks!

So I found this website that posted one of our animations on their site. That’s cool and all, I don’t care… but our link was COVERED by their logo. So I decide to look on their FORUM to see if I can give mention to us. Well on a part of their site there’s a SPAM section…. meaning it’s OK to SPAM.

So I post a message one night. The next morning I get these morons on the board saying they wanted to “crucify the noob” and put pictures up of hanging people. UHMMMMM yah, and what kind of response do you think ANYONE would have from that. Some milk and cookies or tea anyone?

I don’t think so!

Yet one really idiodic member decides to stick up for me, and then turns on me in the end. Why? …because his DUMB ass did not see the details in the RULES either…. and YET he had 6300 posts as opposed to three posts..   WHO’s the FUCKTARD now?  “ProfessorG”

That shut your ass up right away didn’t it? So “stutter” on that BIAAAAAATCH?! HAHAHA

So here we go again…

Heya! ALL you FUCKTARDS out there on….

YOU think something is wrong with us and cal us sick fucks, BUT…

Why did you click on that link or picture in the first place??? 

Why did you continue reading what our site was about when you already had a pretty descriptive picture or title?


Because YOU’RE SICK FUCKS as well!!! 

In some other fucked up ways im sure. I bet most of your dumbasses are grown perverted old men with jacked up familes and nothing better to do than to look for online porn to wack off to! Haha… And you’re just pissed off because our site isn’t porn.

bunch of ass munches….

And yet, if you’re here and seeing this BLOG, you went through the trouble of looking up information about something you absolutely can’t stand right???  


Oh yea and “Mayhem” BLOW this bitch! You’re just another idiot just giving your useless 2 cents in… following everyone else like a pathetic loser… you shmuck.

“Rcade” right back at cha… mofo…

“OrangePlus” …well it depends on how you look at it. Some say my site is just creatures eating people… BIG DEAL…  they show worse things in Hollywood movies… are their scary movies considered porn too? It’s all how each person interprets what porn is to them…  question answered… now get the fuck out!  *boot* Hahahah

raoul.duke” WTF… is that a threat BITCH? You think your words hurt me???  What is this kindergarden?  Or is that too ADVANCED for you?  I could give a GODDAM RATS ass if you POSTED crap on this BLOG. WHO the FUCK cares… it’s the FUCKIN internet. Wake up MORON… all this shit smack talkin’ is all LIP SERVICE… I’m sure when it came down to it, you’d RUN like the little BITCH that you are.

After all… I’m just a stupid kid right… and yet all you grown adults… seem to act like a bunch of idiots that are my age…  shouldn’t you be a little more responsible to teach us young folk better? You are the REASONs why kids like me are so FUCKED up in the head.

And that my friends… is why America is so FUCKED up… older men encouraging bad behavior… great role models out there…  ohh boyyy…. I can’t wait to be their age… ughhhhhh sad lonely old men…  shoot me if I ever become like you morons.

At least I have passion for something out there and I stick up for it. I don’t just tag along adding their two cents anywhere I see an opening…  now that’s pretty sad.

Welcome to the Mind of John.

Did I stutter…. motherfucker?

Let get Stupid… Dumb… & Hyphy!!! *dance of joy*

Flame them… and they will come…  *wicked evil laugh* 

keep it coming assholes…

*SIDE NOTE* Sorry for those who have seen my professional side… well this is my ghetto / asshole side… I’m a really nice professional guy when I need to be until you cross me of course.

Shocking isn’t it?  Muhahahahaaaaa….

Common Theme…

So I was browsing the internet BLOGS again and noticed those favorite words from people… “sick fucks” Why are they calling us sick fucks? We’re not!!! We’re regular people that just have different ideas of what “excites” / interests us. What’s the big deal!?!?

You have goddam Hollywood horror movies out there like “The Hills Have Eyes” showing ugly ass fucked up mutated people ripping the guts out of the poor dead mother and eating it!!! WTF?!? And yet it’s prefectly ok to show that in a Hollywood movie…

… no one ever sits there and says, damn… whoever thought of that scene is a “SICK FUCK”…. nah people just usually say… oh that movie was gory… end of story.

So what gives people? Are you afraid that you MAY actually like some of the wierd shit you are seeing at for the first time… trying to deny it so you won’t feel like a freak???

What do you think the people / producers who think of these scenes are thinking… they KNOW a lot of people really do enjoy watching (but won’t admit it) that last breath of a victim as he/she is dragged painfully into the monster’s mouth…  bone crunching sounds and chewing sounds are added sometimes…  all of which is the same with what we do, except ours is mostly animation… and what is animation…  computer generated!!!  NOT REAL!!! FANTASY!!! IMAGINATION!!!… 

And even in VORE terms, even though someone is being eaten, it does not always mean it was a painful experience for the victim. In some stories the victim actually enjoys the devouring and absorbsion of her /his body into one another….becoming one with the predator… satisfying both needs… etc…

Anyway, to all you haters out there… *middle finger*

“Sick fucks in dezen Wereld!”

“Sick fucks in dezen Wereld!”

According to means something like… “Sick fucks in these world!”

That is the latest thought on what people think of us around the world. I have no idea how all of the sudden we’re getting posted on Japanese, Belgium and now Holland boards / forums or whatever the fuck you call them.

In any case, to “auxy” on the Holland boards…


Hopefully that translates well… you ass munches. Yah it’s perfectly ok for people to be eaten in movies but it’s not ok for people to make websites and animations about it… yah ok… *rolls eyes*

VORE FANS are not “sick fucks”! It’s all just FANTASY. Can you say F A N T A S Y… you FUCK!


Stop wasting OUR bandwidth!



私はVOREで強く立ち、すべてWHO反対するそれに… ここにから性交を得なさい!


Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

It’s prefectly ok to give your opinions on something. JUST don’t waste MY bandwidth for YOUR fucking amusment. You’ve seen it once, you decide that you think we’re sick fucks and that’s fine.

BUT stop coming back if this isn’t your thing!

There are a few dozen of us that DO ENJOY it and it’s even explained best at WIKIPEDIA