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Women vs Men

Why is it mostly women we have that are being eaten?

We get this question a lot. We’ll since this particular “vore” fetish is mostly favored by men. Many men would rather see a sexy babe being eaten alive than a man. That’s what adds “sexy” to the piece. And no, we’re not women haters because two of the four staff that we have are female. I LOVE women and all beauty they bring to the world. I couldn’t imagine a world without women… I’d probably kill myself if the entire planet was inhabited by just men… but that’s just ME.

From the members that have joined Voreville thus far most of them have preferred women being eaten by something as their number one preference. Most members wanted women being eaten head first so they can see the sexy maiden’s kicking legs and shoes falling off. I myself enjoy that the most as well. There’s just something really “sexy” to see remenants of the meal… like her shoes, handbag, or jewlery that was left behind in the devouring process.

The next on the list is a woman beast/monster eating a man. This is also one of my top favorites as well. There’s just something bout a take control, femme fatal kind of woman that drives me insane! The “dominatrix” role would play a huge role in this vore fetish if one were to act out a vore senario.

Third on the list of most favorite manipulations to see is woman creature eating a human woman. Sometimes this is a little more difficult to illustrate unless the female monster really resembles a female. usually monsters don’t have lovely smooth breasts and sily smooth skin, so if we were to create a female monster, she’d have to look hideous unfortunately. We’re in the process of creating a lesbian spider vore animation, where two females have just finshed being intimate. One however is really a mutant black widow spider deep inside. She’s unable to hold the beast within and transforms into a female spider demon. Very very hungry after having sex, she turns on her partner and snatches and wraps her up for it’s after sex meal. Almost just like a black widow spider eats the male after fooling around.

Fourth is any monster eating a female or male. As long as it’s a monster and it has kickin legs in it’s mouth… people love it. I guess vore fans feel cheated in the movies when they show the same sort of thing… people being eaten by something… but it’s never detailed enough. Here we get to focus on JUST that part. Drooling from the monster’s mouth and crunching chewing sounds are always very favored and requested to go with the animations.

So there are the top favorites of our small little community so far…

Snakes Snakes Snakes!!! Into the minds of the Voreville staff…

Snake vore seems to be the most favorite vore out there. I LOVE snake vore photo manipulations. I think you can make those look almost too real it freaks people out. Why should it though? Just because humans have always been on top of the food chain after the dinosaurs went into extinction doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. Maybe aliens will come down like War of the World and see us as they’re next meals. How scary would that be. But of course we all laugh now until it once day really happens.

Snake vore is probably the most popular because it’s a slow paced type of vore. Snake attacks and then takes it’s sweet as time to constict it’s prey. Then it starts eating it’s victim head first, very slowly. A lot of snake vore fans had expressed to us how they actually wanted to see the part where the victim is still wiggling inside the snake. Of course in real life this would not happen because the snake usually constricts it’s victims to death before devouring it. But for fantasy purposes, many people also said they enjoyed seeing the human victim’s shape/form in the snakes body as it digested its meal. Here’s a small sample. A snake swallowing a human head first is a pretty graphic image right there and sure does get a lot of attention. More so than seeing a monster with it’s mouth opened about to devour an unsuspecting human.

Snake vore manipulations are also probably the most easy of the vores to manipulate. It still takes sometime editing but it’s easier because all we need are Stacey’s sexy legs from her butt down. That makes the photoshoots much easier to do as well since we only have to concentrate taking a shot that has the same angles as a snake picture or background. Then we take the photoshop liquify tool to stretch and modify the snakes body to make it look like the rest of Stacey’s torso is in the snakes body. After Stacey and the snake are combined, we add a little goo/saliva around the mouth of the snake to make it look like it’s really enjoying it’s meal. Again… done for the “fantasy” sake of it… we know that snakes don’t drool like that. Snake vore videos and animations are the areas we would like to get into more. This is the most difficult to do in 3D and video, especially when you try to mix a computer generated snake on top of real video. All sorts of video tracking has to be done, the lighting on the 3D art has to be absolutely precise to match the video. It starts getting messy, but if done well, I think it would be a SICK ass piece. Hopefully we’ll have a solution for that in the near future. We did one quick test which did not turn out as well as we wanted and needed A LOT of fixing in the end.

In essence, it’s pretty much the part of the movie where you see someone being eaten by the huge monster. In movies they show a really quick devouring. Here we either slow down the devouring or try making it longer than it should be so vore lovers can enjoy it more. Photomanipulations are the best for capturing that one kodak moment. There are groups out there that JUST look for vore in movies out there. Small 1 to 2 second clips, short as they may seem, are enough to excite a true vore lover. We don’t do blood here at Voreville because we try to keep it less on the GORY side. Some pictures already can be considered quite violent and offensive to some out there and we do NOT want to promote any kind of violence. This again is only fantasy. Vore fans can’t help that this fetish excites them, it just does… just like scat lovers loving shit basically. Pretty crazy stuff, huh?

Sexy Animation – The Twisted Snake Animation

OK, this one caused a lot or ruckus posting it on YOUTUBE but amazingly they kept it up there. Again… keep in mind… this is FANTASY… and we know snakes don’t chew their food and they start head first… yes we know… it was done a different way for “fantasy” sake… heh… As to why we did something like this? … we don’t know but we like it. It’s sexy and brutal at the same time…

The artist was going to make a few versions of the devouring, like head first, and a constricting version but ran out of time. These short animations already takes an artist weeks to setup the cameras, create the environments, animate that character and monster, render the sequences and finally composite them to sound and music…  not an easy job for our main artist, but he does it and loves it.

In this piece a sexy gal waiting for her boyfriend to come home in her favorite sexy bunny outfit is taken by surprise when a huge mutant snake gets into her house and attacks her. She’s no match for the huge serpant and becomes it’s tasty morsel.


The Process…

Creating spider vore is very tricky and time consuming. To give a nice fine webbing look to it, the artist has to take the photoshop brush down to 1 pixel and place EACH web line individually. Doing this creates a far superior webbing than to just take your mouse and try scribbling with it. They then create different webbing layers with different opacities to create the look of thick and thin webbing for more depth. We just take Stacey’s sexy photos again and use pieces of her for our crazy pieces. provides  free video and photo hosting and sharing

Vore Fetish Resources

Vore Resources/sites on the Internet

The vore community is relatively small and we still find people stumbling to us from the vast internet telling us they never knew that there was an actual term for vore. So we’re glad to have open arms for these people to let them know they are not alone out there.

Yes it’s a fantasy/fetish you can’t just tell anyone about. Most people will look at you like you are crazy if you mention this sort of thing to them. We’ll, we say, it’s prefectly ok… there are many other more wierd fetishes out there than this! I’d rather photoshop shit into someone’s month rather than eating it… but hey, it takes ALL KINDS of people to make a world. Check out Vorarephile >>> for a HUGE list of links and resources to more vore sites on the internet for those interested.

Happy hunting!

Here are some of the keywords that people told us that they searched google with BEFORE they knew it was called “VORE”

names you called it before you knew it was vore, or searches you do on google to find this stuff.

(damsels in distress, eaten, eaten alive, alien food, monster eat, he eats her, she eats him, he is eaten, she is eaten, she devours, he devours, it eats, blob monster, he is liquified, she is liquified, sucked dry, becomes her meal, becomes his meal, he is wrapped, she is wrapped, insides are liquified, blobbed, swallowed whole, swallowed alive, feet kicking, monster jaws, tentacle beast, beastmaster… and the list goes on…)