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Temporarily on hold…



Sorry folks, looks like the Spider Demon piece is back on the back burner as well as some of the vore animations. My artist has been just completely swamped at his real job so he will only have time to do a few Voretimes Newsletters and some vore manips.

For those of you waiting for animations, the outlook looks like about 1-2 month delay. We will still put up vore manipulation pieces for you and maybe a few vore short animations pieces I can do on my own. Now is the time if you wish to leave, and maybe check back in a month or two or three if you really just want to wait for the animations.

So that’s the heads up… keep checking this blog, our blog, and the main site for the latest updates.  I always want to keep our fans in the loop as to what’s going on!

Well here’s a few pics of our spider demon sucking her meal dry while waiting for the next meal to arrive…

Long Live VORE!

Snakes on a plane…. nah… snakes on a Jane is MUCH better…

OK so the Snakes on a plane craze has gotten a little out of hand with all the crazy “Snakes on a….” you finish the blank… movies spoofs out there. How about “Snakes up your…”  or “Snakes on my…”

It’s all fun and games now, but soon people will get soooooooooooo sick of the concept.

My god what power the movie industry has…  Maybe one day they’ll call us to make a Hollywood Vore movie! Wow… that would be GREAT!

Sooooooo… why not join in on the fun right now… here’s our famous snake swallowing a kicking woman animation that people seem to like a lot (someone used it in their spoof which made it to the Boston Globe…oooooo…) 

Dang I wish we could have done a better job now. I really want people to sit there going….WTF… is that real or fake. Amazingly it passes for real sometimes which really shocks me that people can’t see it’s obviously fake and just animation. People / animals in real life don’t do half the things we animate them to do!!!

Anyhoo, here’s more Vore for you to enjoy…

I’ll call it “Snakes on a Jane”   …soon to be Jane in a Snake…


Live Food

I got to be a kid again today! My good friend had just picked up a corn snake and was about to feed it when he remembered to call me. He’s a long time good friend that knows about my weird fetishes. Well, I got front row tickets to watch a corn snake devour a rat. It was pretty awesome. Unfortunately I did not have my camcorder with me or I would have video taped it and stuck it in the Voreville gallery.

Dayum… I’m one sick individual! 😛 I’m surprised my girlfriend puts up with all of my shenanigans!

Model Search…

I went to a car show last weekend and met a lot of great import models. I already had the notion that all of them would be super uptight mean bitches, but to my surprise most were very nice polite pleasant people. I actually found two models that found this vore fetish very interesting and wouldn’t mind lending a few photos for us to use! This is great… I have to hit more of these car shows again like old times.