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PornoTube? NICE! The x-rated YouTube

HAHAHA… OMG they have an xrated version of YouTube…

How funny…   I sure LOVE the internet.

Wecome to Alex, our new Adult division manager. He’s making some really HOT animations…  PG 18+  CG PORN

You Poser!

Poser 3d software has become the main source of 3D erotica and porn. The software makes it pretty easy for a novice to start up the package and learn how to do simple 3D animations. The default models are decent enough to work with and a majority of the pieces on are Poser pieces. Poser is nice but we like to take it up a notch to allow us to do better lighting and some little special effects we like to add here and there. We use a higher end 3d package called 3D studio Max. Eventually, we would like to swiitch to Maya when we start trying to make movie quality animations.

Unfortunately there are NOT a lot of vore fans that know this higher end software so it’s just myself and one other artist that creates the animations that we have on our site. The models we create are decent, but not our best work due to time restraints. Eventually when we find more 3d artists that are vore fans as well, we’ll get rolling on the movie quality animations. We have the computer power and the knowledge to do so, we just need more 3D artists that can do it for almost nothing. I keep and maintain the site on my OWN time. My weekends mainly consist in helping one of my arists produce the animations that take so long to create. We do this because we enjoy it so much and enjoy all the excellent contributions and stories from our memebers. Thank you members for helping us keep the site alive! Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Even on strictly 3d erotic websites, our animations and photomanipulations still manage to offend some people. The basic porn surfer really only wants to see bouncing tits and a cock entering a pussy. Well, for me… been there… done that… there’s only so much 3d titty and cock variations out there, that it can get boring…FAST. Our stuff if VERY different and on occasion you’ll get the bouncing boobs and cock riding, but it’s not in 100% of our works.

Sexy Art, Erotic Art, Fantasy Art, Vore Art – Dontations Anyone?

Wow! We have a new HOT idea for some snake vore. Whoever modeled this snake is BAD ASS! Looks great doesn’t it??? LOVE IT! I wish I knew how to model and texture animals and reptiles like that!

Since I can’t make and texture a snake THAT good, any vore lover want to donate a little $ so we can buy this puppy and have it go nuts in our animations?  Just look at this bad boy! We can get some REALLY nice close up animation shots of legs and feet kicking… all the way down to the toes! Look at the texuring on that puppy. And we can even include details like shoes falling off at the end… snake vore lovers… you know you like the sound of that!

Every little bit counts! Message US if you’d like to contribute to the “cause”

Just think… these sexy feet with that snake… slowly slithering up her thighs… woaaa….

Mortal Kombat Vore Fatality

We thought it would be fun to make a new vore fatality for our version of a Mortal Kombat fight between our worm monster and Kitana. FIGHT!!!


Well we felt bad that this piece has been dragged along way too long. I thought it needed to be posted so what we did is to make it into two or three parts… Part one of “Kiss of the Spiderdemon” is in the gallery now. I don’t know exactly when we’ll be able to get to Part 2 or 3… but it’s in the plan. Eventually we’d like to keep a little story going and have our sexy spiderdemon continue eating up the town!

In Part 1 we descend upon our sexy spider demon eating away from being in hibernation for 100 years. This dame is hungry!!! She devours two already caught victims as appetizers before the third appetizer arrives.