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Sexy Games, Vore Games, Exotic Games, Erotic Games – Cool Pic Games

Our Stacey found this site that turns your pics into games. Hrmmm, this would be great to do for vore but I doubt they’ll let me use vore images…. heh

Vore, Blob Vore, Monster Vore, Eaten Alive, Erotic Peril, Erotic Art, Damsels In Distress – BLOB ME!!!

Ok folks, here’s a little fun FREE exercise.

Ever wanted to have a picture of yourself being blobbed?

Send us your pics and we’ll have you BLOBBED!

The better your facial expressions are, the better the picture will turn out!

Vore, Blob Vore, Eaten Alive, Damsels In Distress - Blob Me – YUM!

Wow, finally a straight up perv site that doesn’t boot the REAL sexy videos off. Great job guys! Love the site. Long live sites like yours! It’s a great site if you just feel like seeing nothing but skin and naughtiness… almost like Pornotube

Consensual Sex! Tentacle Sex, Tentacle Porn, Sexy Vore Art, Damsels in Distress, Eaten Alive – Alien Inverted Penetration and Insemination

For all you Consensual Sex Tentacle Sex Tentacle Porn fans out there, here’s our sexy babe playing with her favorite little monster!

Vore, Consensual Sex, Tentacle Sex, Tentacle Porn, Eaten Alive, Vore Porn - Alien Inverted Penetration and Insemination

I dunno about you but tentacle sex / tentacle porn is pretty hot. Seems the many Japanese love this type of art. I’m starting to like it as well!