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Joining Forces For Huge Photoshop Mega Site…

As always, we’d like to THANK everyone for your continued support. Due to hard economic times and the cost of running the site, we had to think of a new plan to reach out to more fans out there. DO NOT be alarmed if you run across our new sister site which will have the some of the SAME material. The vore community is small and therefore not enough to keep us running. The sister site will be a mirror of this site but more of a “photoshop / fake / manip / extreme” site rather than coined as strictly “vore” material. This will help those who don’t even know what “vore” is.

Paul over at specialized in doing “fake my wife requests” and some really great celebrity porn fakes on FLICKR. Our “EviL AleX” specialized in crazy extreme manips and cannibal fakes for eatmebaby at eroticperil when it was live. We thought our vore art would go well with all the works combined, creating one mega extreme Photoshop fake / manipulation website that people could go to for ANY type of manipulation, not just “vore”.

If you’re already a fan of us here, you won’t really need to join over there unless you enjoy high quality hot celebrity fakes, fake my wife requests, and all the blood and gore you can think of minus the vore videos, animations, and stories. Newcomer Val, old timer Paul and evil Alex will be running that site while RaYzoR and I continue to run Voreville.

Stacey will be helping both sites while maintaining her free sites. She keeps her sites free for your enjoyment! Go visit and support her as well! You rock Stacey! Thanks for letting us use you so much! Ha! She has a cool SFW site And a NSFW site

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This isn’t really vore related, but since we have a new section for it in our VISITOR gallery, we thought it would be good to send visitors there if you’re into Faked Celebrity Porn.

Apparently, we got a request for this new section and someone starts to post their images here. Pretty cool stuff though. I’m glad our free fetish porn visitor gallery is finally seeing some action! HA!

Alessandra Ambrosio Super Model is Fucked Hard in A Nice Faked Celebrity Photo!