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Vore Contest Updates/Changes…

Curses! We ran into a little snag with shipping outside the U.S. UPS via air is ridiculously overpriced and just not worth it to ship it for that much. Huge corporations get bulk discount but we’re only 2-3 people team.

Because of it’s irregular size and heavy weight, it will ship within the United States at a reasonable rate, but international shipping is completely outrageous. We did not expect international shipping to be almost 5 times MORE than within the United States. We just cannot afford that.

Because of this we had to adjust a few things:

Vore artists entering that live in the U.S. will have a choice of $150.00(USD) through Paypal OR the computer server/workstation (whichever you enter for).

Vore artists entering that require international shipping will ONLY be elligible for the 150.00(USD) through Paypal now.

We sincerely appologize for the changes, but it had to be done.