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They’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Cool! Looks like Alex and Stacey have been really busy lately. They got and up and running again. It should be pretty hot with all three websites combined now.

That’s a Peril Art overload right there!

P.S. No problem Alex! We love your work… it’s just a bit too extreme for us! 🙂

Looks like Feetmeat is up now. Gourmetgirls is up now too…



Eka… Eka… Eka… why do you hate us so much?

So I get this email from the dude at and he’s steaming mad. They tell us that Eka at Eka’s Portal has denied him any art postings because he supports Voreville and other sites that try to sell memberships or merchandise.

First off, we have to say sorry to VoreArt for having them ban you because of us. They have banned us for some time now. Not like we really care about Eka and his site either. We however support the FANS and artists who just love doing this stuff no matter what site they are on. It’s not about US website owners, it’s about the FAN and what new art and concepts you can introduce them to.

Even our free magazine idea was denied by them. What part of FREE didn’t Eka understand? We don’t know… so in the end, he continues to deny anything we have to offer. Even if it’s free. We wanted to just help the entire community and share anything and everything we can. Of course we also need to survive, pay for web services and web traffic, DVD supplies, and programs to make cool vore art.

What did we ever do to you Eka to hate us so much? Please… oh please… don’t strike us down with your all mighty lightning… 😛

It’s okay though, he’s in a community of his own. They are THE GODS, and you can’t touch them. So VoreArt, just leave it at that my friend. 🙂 Breatheee….

You are more than welcomed to show your art on our site anytime amigo!

Why can’t we all just get along???