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A New Sexy HOT Vore Meal In Town!

Sweeeeet! We have a new delicious tasty morsel from Stacey is allowing us to use her latest and greatest sexy model in our vore art! We can’t wait to start using this lovely pinup girl…

We’re thinking of turning this sexy damsel into a gorgeous sex kitten fairy girl and if you’re into sexy stuff and adult content and like people of your same sex,there are also good sites like online, where you can find some great content for this. This super hot fairy girl will fly around trying to seduce creatures to have babies with her to create lovely hybrids. Unfortunately one day she seduces the wrong creature and ends up a tasty winged nylon meal!

Sexy HOT Vore Meals

Sexy HOT Vore Meals

For hot girls that you don’t want to see eaten, just check out her awesome gorgeous girls!

To ALL You FUCKING Hypocrites of the World

That was the last and final straw. Thanks to the guys over at DT, they put my head back on straight again. Thanks fellas!

So after a much heated email battle with a disgruntled web surfer MUSTCLIME, I have come to the conclusion that people in this world are absolutely insane and think and act with no reasoning at all. I should have figured that out long ago, but I always look for the good in people.

Apparently this insane man or whatever the fuck he/she is wrote so much hatred towards our team and website that all it did was bring out the worse in another person… me. For five years now I have been pretty professional in dealing with idiots on the internet. This guy pushed me over the edge. I’m talking serious unprofessional-ism on my part but it felt damn good to tell someone off. Especially if they have absolutely no merit at all.

MUSTCLIME, you claim our site promotes too much sex and violence yet you yourself wished violence back upon people who you do not know and have nothing to do with your issues. You came to us. You found our website. We didn’t find you. There’s something to say about YOUR character there isn’t there? You really need to search and know the terms to find us too. Google doesn’t even show us on safe searches, so your claim to being a saving guardian angel out there is complete CRAP. How did YOU know this stuff was called Vore and it IS a fetish out there. I bet deep inside you found this stuff enjoyable and fascinating which is why you’re so angry with yourself. You want to hate it because you believe it’s wrong, but you can’t so you’re taking your frustrations out on the world for your own shortcomings in life.

You’re so blinded by your own hatred that you forgot the real reason why you have so much hate. Your cause for less violence in the world is absolute BULLSHIT by what you said to us in your initial emails. You make absolutely NO SENSE at all. You’re angry and need help. We here know our place in the world. We’re happy and we have families and children that we love, which you obviously have NO CLUE about what family and love is about so don’t lecture me on values you FUCK. Do you think sending hate mails and angry hurtful words to people really HELPS your cause? …wishing bad things happen to people who you know nothing about? No, it just hurts it. CONGRATULATIONS for spreading more hate and anger in the world, something you claim to fight against. Good one idiot, you’re the prime example of pure hypocrisy you FUCKNUT. You think all the things you said in your emails go perfectly in a love letter??? WAKE UP FOOL. Happy Fucking New Years to you too.

If monsters eating people is SOOOOOOOOO bad, then you need to complain and hate just about EVERY movie maker and artist out there. Why don’t you go bitch to the makers of “King Kong” where the worm eats the man, or “Deep Rising” where worms eat people throughout the movie. Are you also pissed off that a blob ate people in the original movie “The Blob”??? How about Creepshow where that thing turns that poor girl in a bikini into a skeleton, are you also INFURIATED by that? So that initial scene in Men in Black II, when Serleena completely devours the guy and he ends up a bulge and digested in her stomach, did that piss you off too? Grow up and lighten up… It’s FUCKING fantasy. It’s all Hollywood and make up fantasy scenarios for people’s entertainment otherwise they wouldn’t bother adding those scenes. Have you tried taking down Hefner for promoting sex since 1953? Lighten the FUCK up.

The same goes for our site for all you newbies out there wondering… it’s just a site with monsters eating people, with a lot of added pornographic camera angles and positions… mainly babes, but men will be added as well. It’s called extreme…. EROTIC pornographic ART. We just cut out the movie part and create our own still images from people’s requests… so what’s the freggin’ problem you FUCKING conservative fucks. It’s Penthouse with a mix of Men in Black monsters and aliens. We do have warnings everywhere so no one is mislead, unless you don’t read.

If people would just try settling things in a more calm and humane way, maybe others will listen to their reasoning and views. Have we NOT learned from all the WARS we have been in? It’s the same fucking story over and over again (I believe something, you don’t. You hate my views therefore I must hate you. Everyone who believes in what I don’t believe in, must die.) I mean really people?!?!? What the FUCK? MUSTCLIME, maybe YOU need to join your friends over there in IRAQ… they have nothing better to do, but to hate everyone and spread hate throughout the world with threats. You do that VERY well. If only those you claimed to help knew this side of you.

Seriously folks, if there is a God out there, do you think he’s happy we all are living by that fucked up reasoning??? MUSTCLIME, just by you sending those hate emails, you YOURSELF are promoting HATE and VIOLENCE. Did that click in your pea brain? DO you see what YOU just did? Seriously, go take some anger management classes or something. You’re the one that needs some serious help.

Life is made difficult because there are so many stupid FUCKS out there who try to impose their ideas and beliefs on other people. This is a free FUCKING country and life is too damn short. Lighten the hell up. I don’t wish bad on anyone who hates us, just don’t go sending hate mails and expect a love letter in return. All you have to do is skip to the next website.

What did yo mama teach you when you were young? If you don’t have anything nice to say, shut the FUCK up. It’s bad enough we’re all barely trying to survive in this crazy fucked up economy. We don’t need anymore narrow minded, angry people out there telling everyone what to do and that everything they believe is the right away.

As a car enthusiast, how the FUCK did you find the world of vore anyway? You must have been pretty desperate to find something new in your life because you have to DIG pretty deep to find us.

Blow me bitch.