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Going For Broke

Okay we’ve put some serious time and the last bit of reserves to bring you some really great vore animations. This is it. This is by far the BEST stuff we have ever and will ever produce for the vore community. It’s not fully complete yet but we just wanted to share our progress. Your continued support really does pay off! Check out some of these test renders! Enjoy! There’s really awesome stuff coming from all kinds of artists from around the world!

Watch as this gorgeous sleeping beauty is devoured alive by hungry slugs!

Slug Vore Animation Preview

Slug Vore Animation Preview

Hungry monsters like Roku devouring everything in it’s path with no mercy!



Roku was once a cute little monster. Now he’s 100x bigger than Cindy imagined. One day when Cindy went to feed her pet Roku, Roku turned on her and made her the main course!

Roku Vore Animation

Roku Vore Animation

Enjoy a quick animation motion sample!

Roke Vore Test Animation

Voreville Animations is Back!!!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a steady flow of vore animations. After RaYzor dropped out of the scene we had no animators to help us. The great animators we found through the 2009 contests became busy with other things. That’s just life. We understand.

This time around we have more talent and better lighting techniques! These new animations should look pretty damn HOT! We searched the entire globe for vore animators and finally it has paid off! We have found a few talented animators that can surely get the job done!

Stay tuned vore fans, we’ll have some great vore animations coming your way in the following months!

We also have a special BRAND NEW exclusive Voreville animation release from Ryan C soon as well!

Current NEW animation projects in progress:

– Ryan C’s NEW plant vore animation
– Davo’s Mantrap devours sexy hot maiden walking by
– Lindwurm gobbles up terrified girl pleading not to eat her
– Roku eats girl alive while she’s trying to feed it
– Python swallows girl whole and alive