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Site Owners – Banner Exchanges?

We’re looking for more websites to do banner exchanges with! Anything erotic, crazy, strange, fetish, fantasy art related. We want a huge fucking display of banners like Renderotica has! Let us know if you are interested!

Banners have to be 468 x 60 in size.


Blogwars? Happy Fucking Holidays To You!

You fucks at Blogwars found US. You’re the one’s that need to get a life.

What kills us the most is people have so much to say and comment about when they KNOW nothing about what they feel so strongly against. Idiots! Get a life. Stop looking for shit on the internet that you can’t possibly grasp with your little fucking pea brains.

This is WHY the world has so much HATRED and WARS going on. More of this I hate you, you don’t conform to society, therefore you are an outcast. Idiotic drone mentality.

Well… fuck you is our response. You don’t like it… go the fuck somewhere else. It takes a lot of effort to find us out there so think about that and how YOU found us.