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Okay this has GOT to stop!

We have nothing to do with John’s actions anymore. John is NOT associated with Voreville anymore.

Please get that through your head “Nack” at Eka’s Portal. Please DO NOT associate us with anymore bad remarks or comments about our websites. Who gives hoot anymore. Leave us ALONE. That’s your beef with John now, not Voreville.

This has seriously gotten out of hand.

You men need to grow up and stop acting like children and trying to be all tough with your words.

That includes you John. Stop it. Just STOP this crap.


Unfortunately we’re down one great artist so it’s going to take a little more time to get things back in order and our projects back up to speed, but our team is still strong and even stronger from this unfortunate circumstance. We’ll miss you a lot John!

With so much crap that’s been going on, our lead animation artist came through with this amazing vore animation of Zarathant owning this sexy damsel! Wait until we get this rendered. It’s going to look absolutely incredible!!! Enjoy!

It’s 24MB so please be patient!!!

– Stacey

Contacting Us

Okay, so I know we have a lot of profiles out there on MANY different sites. John, Rayzor, Alex, Val and myself all have gone all over the web and created accounts on popular websites to show off our work over the years.

As you know, the original team is split up now, so I have no way of getting into their accounts on other sites. We will NOT be checking our accounts out there as often and that includes our most popular accounts on YouTube, Eka’s Portal, Disturbedthings, Flickr, Facebook, Revver, and Deviantart.

Please contact us HERE on our contact page if you need to speak to one of us or have any questions or concerns.

Thank you

– Stacey

Now Back to the Good Stuff – VORE

We’re getting back up to speed and looking for more help! Since we can’t find and hire help fast enough, maybe we can tap into people’s desires to see themselves eaten in their own created videos!

Have you ever had dreams of monsters and aliens attacking you and swallowing you whole?

Have you ever wanted to see yourself eaten by creatures and bugs like in movies?

Well, now is the time! I am not sure where John left off, but I am going to try to make the sexiest special effects vore video clips out there and I need your help! Any vore models out there want to work on short projects together? I really would not involve a lot on your part, just some acting skills and someone to video tape you in peril or struggling. The files can be sent back and forth digitally since most video cameras are digital.

This is a fully detailed list of what I need. All of it would be great, but I’ll take anything I can get for this test project!

My plan is to have a special effects piece of huge python or a huge worm creature attack and swallow a sexy lingerie model whole! If you have sexy, trashy lingerie, that’s what I need in these clips!!! I’m not looking any nude clips at this time. ^_^

Thanks in advance!!!

Here’s a still sample of what I am talking about. I am being eaten by a huge monster snake!!! I want this to be actual video now! I took those pictures a few years ago so I wouldn’t be the hottest item right now! 😛

Fantasy Fetish Snake Food

Here are samples of what I’ll need! It’s a tall order but what I have in planned for us is even bigger!
– I need clips exactly like how this girl is on the floor struggling face down at ALL angles so we can merge them together later
– I need close clips of her feet with NO shoes kicking too. (We’ll be doing videos like this but with 3D monsters)
– Same video but this time we’ll need everything the same as above but she’ll be struggling face up on the ground.
– Need the first part of the screaming clips in this video.
– I need various short clips of her screaming.
– Have her screaming like she’s more terrified (the girls in the video look like they are having too much fun).
– Have her positioned in the same way hands under her butt, and legs in the air.
– Have her just hold the position for 30 seconds with some slight movement.
– Then have her kick at the knees as few times. Kick from the knees just like the animation.
– Do not kick with her whole leg from the hips.
– Have her keep kicking faster and faster.
– Then her legs just go limp and drop to the ground
– Ends with a few twitches
– I need a clip just like this but in the regular lighting.
– I need a side view of her being dragged out of the still camera frame
– I need clips just like this of our model struggling and dying.
– Notice the small slight movement and twtiches even after she’s subdued.
– As an addition to this clip, we’ll need her to be very slowly dragged away from the still camera.
– I’ll need a clip like this but our model with no shoes. She’ll need to hang and dangle like the woman in the clip.
– She’ll need to be dangling higher from the ground than the woman in the video
– Model should twitch and do more spasms like she’s really suffocating.
– I’d like shots like this so we can make it look like tentacles have the model instead
– Good dangling shots
– I need shots with our model struggling like this woman in this video
– I need just that really short clip where the girl drops with eyes opened (our model can drop to the floor)

I need her to pretend something has got her by the neck and close up shots of her feet kicking in the air like these two videos:

– Stacey ^_^

Holding Our Ground

After much discussion, we have decided not to close It would be just too much work to close everything and rebuild the gallery at a brand new site. We’d rather concentrate on getting our next vore projects complete for our loyal members. If we pack up and leave, you trolls out there win and we’re not having that. We have setup some advanced Sophos spam servers and special tracking software so that should help squash that problem. You will be tracked, traced, and reported.

Everything will remain the same for now. We are seriously thinking of making it more difficult for someone to join. We’re not sure how to go about that just yet. This will guarantee there is NO misunderstandings before anyone tries to join.

I will need some time to study, catch up and get familiar with Voreville’s galleries and it’s members. Please feel free to contact me if you have ANY question or concerns. I do WANT to know what’s going on with YOU and how I can make your experience here a good one despite all that’s happened.

Thank you for supporting us!

– Stacey ^_^