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The Right To Refuse Service

“I did not get the username and the password at all and I would like to get on it asap!”

“ASAP”, really??? Okay, so I know this is exactly what drove John absolutely nuts. People who don’t read instructions and demand things right off the bat. This user gave it about 1/2 hour after signing up. We’ve had people do this within minutes of signing up.

According to our website instructions if anyone really READS IT, it says to give us up to 12 hours to create and setup accounts because we’re NOT robots and we’re NOT at the computer 24 hours a day. We’re normal people who have regular 9-5 jobs who have families as well so please respect that.

Everyone, PLEASE read directions CAREFULLY We have MANY different websites with many different criteria for each website. They all have their specific setups to accommodate special circumstances to try to meet everyone’s needs. If you have NO idea what all our websites are about, please refer to this page:

Also please PAY ATTENTION to our updates that have “GALLERY STATS” information. When we update them quite often so YOU will know if there has been anything new since the last time you looked!

I do not want my team or myself to go down the path of insanity like it did to our friend John, so if you chose to NOT read directions, then don’t expect us to come running to your demands.

– Stacey