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Juuuuuuust About There…

I think we’ve nailed down the look that we like and the main motions of the snake vore. We still have to cram that voluptuous body into the snake now! The animation will be available in lingerie clad and nude versions. Unlike most vore animations, this one will be nice and slow and long. Just like how a snake would eat an over-sized meal very slowly, our animators studied YouTube videos to try to replicate a nice long sexy snake vore animation!

How about that for quality? Does this image get you wet and horny or what?!?! Do you feel a boner coming on? Hee hee ^_^

Voreville\'s 2011 New Line of Snake Vore Animations

Voreville's 2011 New Line of Snake Vore Animations

Here’s a small test pre-viz clip (14MB). It still needs a lot of work! Enjoy!

The storyline: Hookers make the best vore meals because no one misses them when they’re missing. This sexy damsel was picked up off the streets, drugged and placed in front of a huge man eating python that had not been fed in weeks. Completely immobilized by the drug you could only see her heavy breathing as the snake begins to consume her whole and alive head first!!!

I think our YouTube tests turned out better with the lower angles.

– Stacey