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More Possible Collaboration Projects with PKF Studios!!!

I had yet another amazing opportunity to speak with another studio about working on possible projects together. His work is a little more extreme, but he is interested in working on some vore projects together. His camp mainly deals with very realistic death fetish.

John Marshall is owner of PKF Studios. If you enjoy the more bloody, insane type of fantasy women in peril, then he’s got good selection of clips.

Since we are not a gore vore site, we will keep anything that we create with them strictly just concentrated on vore. The gory stuff we may venture into with EroticPeril instead.

We’re currently going to work on some tests to see what we can do.

So that’s TWO new huge opportunities for us to create live action vore with real life sexy models and CG monsters! It should be so awesome!!! This is the DREAM that our John always wanted! Maybe I can get him back to help us on all these new golden opportunities.

As for our current works. there’s A LOT in progress, lots of rendering going on. Once all the rendering is complete we will need to put it all together so hold tight!!!

– Stacey ^_^