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Voreville’s “Eaten on the Set” – Feet First – Monster Vore Animation

Here’s a short clip of how it’s going to look in the final piece. All that’s left is to do a little more compositing and adding of sounds.

The story: An unfortunate situation for sexy model Alexis happened today on location of the filming of her next hot porno flick. The famous porn star Alexis was filming for her next huge porn release when Zarathant crashed into the scene and mistook sexy Alexis for it’s next meal. Her soft supple naked body was so delicious to Zarathant that he couldn’t resist her delicious body. She had been trying to train him for weeks, but forgot to feed him the morning of the shoot. They were supposed to film a bestiality piece with Zarathant’s huge cock. The camera men were so turned on by Alexis being devoured alive that they just let Zarathant finish her off and kept the cameras rolling.

It’s 9.5MB so please be patient!

– Stacey ^_^