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Working Out The Bugs

Yikes! So it looks like the current hosting provider (Dreamhost) that we use does not fully support media sharing as I had hoped. VoreTube works, but it’s buggy and has problems right off the bat. I only see problems increasing 10 fold when it gets busier and full of content.

I did find another hosting service (Arvixe) that mainly supports media sharing sites so I will me moving VoreTube to them and having them install the site since they are the professionals. Of course this means a complete rebuild again, but it’s relatively new and shouldn’t be a problem. All this is supposed to fix all the uploading problems that’s been going on.

So hold off on uploading anything new until I can get VoreTube over to the new hosting service!

After that we should be golden!!! 😀

– Stacey – Vore Only Media without the Restrictions!

Finally it’s up and running. It’s a very finicky software that required much more tweaking than I had anticipated. Apache server commands, ffmpeg, flvtool2, tar, linux… what?!?! My god why do they make things so difficult. Anyhoo, it’s up and running. There’s a few things that don’t work right of course. Like no .MOV files will work and a few avi’s with weird codecs won’t work either. It’s so hit or miss. Support for the software and support on the server side didn’t know what the problem was, so oh well, I guess it is what it is for now.

If you upload a video and it doesn’t work, just send it to me and I’ll convert it and upload it for you.

Also anything outside of the typical 4:3 ratio will looked stretched unfortunately. More limitations of software “clones”

And don’t bother with the “family filter” it won’t apply to us! Just keep in mind this site will most likely be not safe for work!!!


– Stacey ^_^

Other Developments in the Interim – Member Updates &

Despite my team’s shutdown of production for now, supporting members still wish to contribute to our member gallery so we will allow members to continually update the member gallery with their works while my team in is on it’s indefinite hiatus at this point in time.

Thank you again for your support through these difficult times. Please support these artists as well since they are putting their time and energy into making this special vore art for all of us.

Since my entire team is on a indefinite hiatus, I have some time now to do some research. I have decided to start up This is my first attempt at this so please be patient if something isn’t working right. Let me know and I will take a look into it. I am doing this because I want to hone my website management skills in the interim.

Over the years, YouTube has been deleting our accounts and limiting us on what we can and cannot post. John wanted to get this going, but he never had time. He left me with a few great tools to get this going so I’m going to try to get it up and running now. The vore community will finally have a place to post whatever vore related videos, pictures, and sounds they want without worrying whether your account will be deleted for inappropriate content. Because it’s vore themed, most of the content WILL BE inappropriate. It will be just like YouTube, where you can have your own accounts. You will be able to setup your own favorites lists, upload your own vore favorites, play videos instantly instead of having to download and watch them, rate and comment on all the postings as well.

The only rule you have to abide by is that whatever you post it has to be vore related. If it’s not vore related, then it will be not be approved or removed if found. It can even be RAW materials for people to make vore art with. Raw materials must be approved by the videographer / arist(s) who made the raw materials. There will be a special section for that too.

If posting preview works from an artist, please give them credits and link to their works or website(s). DO NOT POST any videos from ANY artists’ member only galleries. I am trying to support the artists in the vore community, not rip them off! We already know where that leads to! If you see any unapproved postings of your works, please let me know and I will remove it.

I’ll give this a try and see how it goes. Any input (like a better idea for categories of videos, pictures, etc) would be appreciated. Enjoy!

*** CORRECTION! Video UPLOADING IS NOT WORKING, but photo and audio uploads are. You can still setup your accounts and make them pretty! 😛 ***

Voreville is now closed until futher notice.

After much thought and many hours of debate with my team, we have decided to close down production for the rest of the year. The sites will remain fully operational, but NO NEW UPDATES will be released. People can still join and leave as they please, but NO NEW updates will occur. My team and I need to walk away from this for a few months and re-gather our thoughts and strategies at this point. There’s so much volatility and instability in the management of all our vore websites something needs to be done about it.

My artists are beat down, tired and exhausted from doing so much work and getting paid so crappy that I can’t do this to them anymore and they can’t do this to themselves anymore. They need a break. I need a break as well. When they see postings of their hard work out there on the internet that was intended only for members, it discourages the them from doing any more animations and the entire team morale goes down the toilet which is why we are at this point now. We have so many new techniques and ideas we wanted to work on, but our resources are spread way too thin right now.

Hopefully by 2012 we’ll be back up fully operational, my artists fully re-charged again at a different location with a completely different name and I’ll have come up with a solution to our problems. Hopefully… we’ll see… Yes, this is the internet and I can’t control it, but I’m going to take a few extra steps to help remedy the torrenting problem. I just hope that our supporters will help us report any new postings and be our extra eyes out there when we do open production back up. That’s all we can do at this point.

We like to thank all of the people who HAVE supported us throughout the years and for all your thoughts and kind words. You did make a difference. Unfortunately, this is what happens to small websites when people bitch and complain about having to pay and decide to torrent.

Check back from time to time, things may change as they seem to do a lot here.

– Stacey

Lock Down from the “Internet Cops”

Yes, according to some clueless YouTuber we’re now considered “Internet Cops”

Yeah, like we have nothing better to do than to watch all of you out there. It’s called “google alerts.” Get a clue if you can somehow comprehend any of this. It automatically spits out any NEW “voreville” postings out there that the search engines spider.

Yes, a few of you have emailed us and expressed your concerns and we do appreciate your opinions about what has been going on. No we can’t stop any of this from happening so we’ve already lost the battle.

The sites will not close and will run as usual. To weed out the people who don’t want to abide by our rules “the internet cops” then we’ll just have to go underground. John tried this once before and I will try it again, but this time it will be permanent.

This way we know who our real supporters are. And believe me when I say, we have some really good stuff lined up to release. You select people will have access to our latest stuff.

Everyone who wants access to our vore websites will now have to email us at teamstaceyli [at] gmail [dotcom] first, and explain why you want access to our site, what you are looking for at this site, give us 5 different things why you like vore and send us a few links of where you have posted in forums or your accounts on other websites. We WILL email you there to confirm it’s really you. And newly created accounts will NOT be accepted. We need to see some kind of history on you.

We will get to know each other on a closer personal basis so we can offer custom requests as well as we get to know you. It is going to be a close closed more personal community. No more members will be strangers to us. We will have less members to concentrate on and tailor the site to YOU instead. In terms of members, quality and not quantity will be our NEW model.

Each large animation releases will have your email and login information embedded into the video each new release will NOT have a title or description either for extra security.

This IS a thanks to all our REAL supporters. We will keep it running only for you now.

For all current members, let your memberships run out. When you have allowed your accounts to expire sign up again at full price with our new method and we’ll also refund you back the money so there’s no extra cost to you. You will need a Paypal account for us to do that. When you let your accounts expire, don’t try to join back right away, wait for us to let you know when we will start releasing new updates again (it could be months). No new updates will occur during this whole process. This will also give us some time to reconfigure and change things around, and possibly move websites/domain once again. Don’t worry, we’ll still keep outsourcing so production won’t complete stop.

– Stacey ^_^