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One Month Later…

Well, I guess I can be happy that I tried to get VoreTube / TheVoreTube up and running. Unfortunately it’s just too much for Arvixe’s servers to handle. MediaMaxScript has been very disappointing to say the least. They claimed that the software would run fine on Arvixe’s servers but as many of you may have seen, there were one too many times the website came to a screeching halt. The problem… the way MediaMaxScript was written takes up too much CPU and memory that you’d need a dedicated server to be able to handle all the requests. At $300 per month to run a dedicated server, no way, sorry I can’t afford that on my own.

So everyone will just have to deal with the slowness on TheVoreTube until I can figure out this mess now. You’re going to see a lot of long lag times and connection timeouts unfortunately

– Stacey