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‘Dinner Companions’ – The Work Must Go On!!!

Even though Voreville is still currently closed, I have gathered a small team to finish work on a short sexy vore video with Michael at Damsels in Distress Visual Productions (DIDVP).

Our Story: ‘Dinner Companions’ began as a quick idea with many tests gone wrong. Our team was small. We did have many tools as the movie industry had, but we still wanted to try making something that would “wow” anyone who saw it. With the help of Michael at DIDVP, we were able to run many tests and find a final solution for a small collaboration project with them. Due to financial and logistical reasons, the Voreville production failed after a few weeks week of shooting and testing, and the project and website was put on hold. Two months later, I was able to gather a small team together to help finish what we started.

Synopsis: It’s the year 4182. Animals have evolved back into the large creatures they once were back in the dinosaur error. They have learned to co-exist with man and have accepted man as a friend. On occasion however, just as in any society, there were some who did not follow the rules. Temptation became to much for the ginormous beasts and occasional midnight feedings were necessary. This special breed of snakes enjoyed swallowing their meals alive, head first or feet first, it did not matter!

We start with our sexy damsel getting ready for for a hot night of passion with her lesbian lover. The sweet luscious smell of her perfume had drawn a nearby predator to her location. She is unaware that her lover had already been attacked and eaten alive by another hungry predator right outside her apartment. She hears a noise in the hallway thinking it’s her lover and goes it investigate.

Here’s some test clips we were playing with! We were not too happy with them. Enjoy! The official completion and release date is unknown at this time.