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Finally Getting Close to Real!

Here’s the latest test that I think looks the most realistic of everything we have done so far. This is our new hungry carnivorous plant creature placed in a real photo. My goals is to get ALL the CG models we create to look just as real. The new anaconda is not quite there yet and the new worm is almost there. Again, these are ALL tests only and if these test go well, then hopefully we’ll move to the next stages to get production started again.

Imagine this awesome guy animated and chomping on some hearty meals walking by!

Voreville Carnivourous Plant Monster

Voreville Carnivourous Plant Monster

The Perfect Models

This is wonderful news for us! I have found some amazing artists that can create very nice detailed looking monsters. Check out their amazing work! I hired them to create these custom monsters for us. Look at the incredible details!!!

What this means is that there IS a future for Voreville, and I’m working very hard to bring it together. What this does NOT mean is that full production is underway. We still do not have enough help, funding and resources to go full production for awhile. This is just a step that brings us a smidgen closer to getting the team back together again. At least we have some forward progress in the right direction for once!


– Stacey ^_^

Voreville Returns?

During the past few months as most of you know, the Voreville crew took a leave of absence indefinitely. Until now, I myself could not really tell if we would ever be back running again. In the event that Voreville does return, I wanted to keep vore fresh for everyone so I created while I tried to figure out what direction to take with Voreville. I hope everyone is enjoying the website. Sorry it can’t be as nice as YouTube. I don’t have the funds for that.

There’s a bit of good news and bad news for the future of Voreville. Half of the team has moved on and wants to leave this stuff completely behind. Time, money, and the horrible economic conditions are the major factors which caused my team to fall apart. It was unfortunate because there was a lot of new projects in the works and we were moving into a whole new area trying to mix live action with CG monsters with better looking effects.

We had a chance to work with a lot of talented people, and we got a lot of excellent live footage to work with. I could not, and will not let those efforts go to waste. I saw so much potential for amazing vore creations and wanted to keep all avenues opened. The problem was that Voreville did not have a plan so we did not know where to go or how to continue on.

Since then, I have written up a rough plan for the future of Voreville, and I plan to bring it back to full production speed with a whole new level of quality one day. I believe we can seriously push the envelope to creating sexier, more erotic vore pieces for our supporting fans. We have had a wonderful chance to work with footage of extremely talented and gorgeous, super hot models which will surely make any vore piece even more inviting for us to create and you to watch!

The outlook of the future of Voreville looks good at this point. We currently still have great connections and monthly communications with Michael at Damsels in Distress Visual Productions, John at PKFStudios, and Hank Samuels of RueMorgue about future projects and new ideas. We all have been working closely and testing a lot of live action shots with CG. Michael will start filming for our first collaboration project in the next few months. It will be a short vore feature that will be called “Dinner Companions”. All that’s left is for me to find a team capable of handling and producing something amazing from the live action shots. DrTeeth and Ryan C offered their paid services for any collaboration projects as well. Recently, we have also joined forces with VoreVids to try some tests with their footage as well. I also found some really talented 3d / Zbrush artists that create the most amazing creatures you have ever seen. Branttakessouls, Slurpitup & Maryanna have been continually uploading their manipulations to the Voreville member gallery. Special thanks to TLG for all the support and recommendations you have given us. And last but not least thanks to CALNOR’s excellent After Effects tips and tricks. We will be able to work more efficiently on future projects which will make everyone happy on our end.

With that said, we’re not dead yet. I am trying my best to make something of all the chaos during these hard times. If all goes well in the next few months, keep an eye out for a “Voreville Returns” trailer that I am currently planning and mapping out.

Stay Tuned!

– Stacey ^_^