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Our Interview with Bizarre Magazine

I had the wonderful opportunity to correspond with Stephen Daultrey Freelance Writer & Web Editor for Bizarre Magazine. They are creating a vore feature for their November issue and we may or may not be in it, but vore fans will definitely enjoy that issue of the magazine!!!

The more connections we make, the more resources we gain, and the better chances we have of getting this operation going full steam ahead once again! Yay! ^_^

Here’s some of the questions he asked us.

1. Can you give some background info about Voreville – are you a site/online magazine specialising in erotic art for the vore fetish? You do animations as well? You’re based in the US? was originally started in 2005 by my close friend Johnathan. At the time, there was a Yahoo group called Voreville, but no one seemed to want to create a full on website so he ran with it. He ran Voreville for the past 5-6 years with me along side managing administrative tasks. He left Voreville early this year. I Stacey, currently run Voreville along with other erotic art websites with a few close friends. We are not a large team, but we strive to create the sexiest vore art we can as well as other erotic and fetish art. Voreville is mainly website based and specializes in vore art, animation, and stories. We tried to start a magazine once but it flopped. We are based in the US.

We have three variations of

1. is all new content produced from January 2010 on. There were many loyal fans that wanted access to Voreville’s content but was not interested in seeing the whole sha-bang from the start since they already had membership once. They just wanted to see the newest stuff at a lower fee so was created for this purpose.

2. was created for the snake vore fans. Only snake vore art, animation and stories from Voreville were ported over to this site. Some fans just wanted to see snake vore and nothing else at a lower fee.

3. was created for those who just wanted to see everything else but snake vore at a lower fee. All other vore art, animation and stories excluding snake vore from Voreville were ported over to this site.

2. How long have you been going, and how many artists/vore fetishists are behind the site/contributing to the site? How popular is the site?

We have been up and running since 2005. Our team fluctuates throughout the years. There’s never a set number on our team, but it ranges from 2-4 people maximum. We try to keep it as small as possible. Currently the Voreville team is on an indefinite hiatus so all new art is on hold. I however, am constantly trying to make new connections and learn newer techniques in hopes to get Voreville up and running full production again. The site’s popularity has been decent and steady throughout the years. It never hit overwhelming numbers. Since the US economy has been hit hard, Voreville’s popularity has decreased since 2005.

3. How long have you been into the vore fetish and how did you discover/get into it?

I myself have been a fan of the fetish for many years. I got pulled into the fetish a few years ago when my friends asked if I wanted to pose and take pictures for a vore art piece they were working on. I really enjoyed being the “prey” for the art pieces my team would create with my photos and videos. I enjoyed being both the predator and the prey so it worked out well for our vore art. Together, our team began to create vore art of our own preference and people just seemed to enjoy it as well.

4. Can you explain what the vore fetish is? Is it predominately ‘damsels in distress’ being eaten/swallowed by monsters, snakes, plants etc? Does it blur into other areas eg gigantesses, furries? I notice that you have a SexyStacey site which has an emphasis on feet and legs?

Originally I created and worked on my own fetish website while John worked on full time. We found ways to merge the two by incorporating legs, lingerie and feet fetish with vore. Since the word “vore” has so many meanings we created art around what our understanding of vore was. We believed in creating vore art of a different caliber. We wanted it to look sexy and erotic, not bloody and gory. If you think about it, vore ends up in the prey’s death most of the time, especially when they get to the digestion stages it can get pretty graphic, which is why I said that this fetish isn’t for everyone. Despite that we have always tried to create an erotic vore death feeling instead of a horrible, bloody, death ending. The mere through of being overtaken, consumed or absorbed by a stronger entity excites me me. The mix of power and helplessness and terror send tingles up my spine as I’m sure it does many other vore fans.

Throughout the years we have noticed about 98% of the members or interested people that have contacted us always wanted a damsel in distress. Men in distress was rarely requested which is why we focused on females being vored instead.

5. You warn people that the vore fetish isn’t for everyone, and isn’t for people who are squeamish? What sort of things do people fantasize about? I watched a short sample animation of a naked lady being slowly swallowed by a snake…

A lot of people who are not vore fans think vore fans are sick and disgusting, and that we need our heads checked. They could not accept the fact that it is just fantasy. We are normal with normal lives and families. I have always believed it is very healthy for one to fantasize. Despite the nature of vore, the fetish itself, pleasures people and that’s what matters to us. If we can make one extra happy person out there, then we’ve done our job and enjoyed it.

The most common fantasy requested by fans is a huge snake devouring a sexy woman. In the end they’d see her silhouette inside the snake as she wiggles and is digested slowly. A few days later she comes out as poop.

Another common fantasy is a worm or plant creature eating a swallowing a sexy female. Almost like Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors”. You can then see the victim strugging inside the stomach and being digested by stomach juices.

Giant spiders wrapping and sucking the life out of the cocoon is another favorite of fans. This spider vore fetish worked out great with my satin blanket fetish videos that my team turned into spider vore or carnivorous blanket vore pieces.

Blobs absorbing sexy damsels and leaving nothing but bones left behind is popular as well.

6. Does the thrill generally come from watching people (ladies?) being eaten, or do you personally fantasise about being eaten yourself? Basically, what are the prime thrills behind the fetish?

For me I have enjoyed both sides of the coin. I enjoy being a dominatrix so playing the roll of a sexy black widow spider creature was very erotic for me. I used to wrap my mates in my satin blankets very tightly and get them aroused, then we’d fantasize that I was eating them alive and sucking them dry! It is very erotic for me because I was in total control. I have also been the wrapped prey as well. Bring helpless and at the mercy of a hungry beast is just as erotic to me as being in complete control in the other scenario. As you can see, there’s more at work here than just the vore fetish. It actually enhances and works with my other fetishes and I am sure it does the same for many vore fans out there.

7. Do you yourself fantasize about being eaten/swallowed? If so what, are the thrills/excitement? Is it a sensual thing?

Yes I do fantasize about being eaten or swallowed, but it’s very specific for me. It is very sensual to me to wrap myself in my satin comforter. I love the soft cool silky feel of satin on my skin. I enjoy wrapping myself up very tightly in it. Then I imagine that it’s a live creature that’s suffocating me and eating me alive. This can be considered satin bondage with a vore twist. The submissive side of me enjoys this fantasy very much.

8. Can you describe some of the most elaborate art and animations that feature on the site? You describe them as vore porn. What happens in them? How erotic do they get?

We have done a vast array of different vore manipulations, animation and videos. One popular one we did with me was one of a huge snake devouring me whole and them crapping me out a few days later. We though it would be really sexy if i was in some trashy red lingerie so we shot, edited and created a picture sequence of my demise. We’re were just getting into doing more live action / CG mix when the team too the break. Some of our pieces involve monster tentacles penetrating female privates as they are eaten alive. They are aroused, sexually satisfied, and then eaten right after so it’s a combination of vore and porn.

9. John @ Devil Crown Productions remarked how great the art on the site is. What do you guys do in your day jobs (if you don’t mind me asking)?

I currently am in marketing and work on website graphics for a small company. My other team members are I.T. support guys and graphic designers. We have a good mix of talents that help us run our websites on the side.

10. What are the main animals/monsters that feature in the vore fetish?

It seems monster snakes is the most popular from what we have seen. Gigantic worm creatures like the King Kong worm and the Deep Rising creature is popular too. Plant monsters, spider monsters, bugs and blobs are requested often. Crocodiles, alligators, and sharks are not requested as much but come up every now and then.

11. Do you think there’s a dark side to the fetish? Obviously to practice the fetish for real would result in death, so it’s very much fantasy. But do you ever hear stories of people taking it too far? Or do some people even get aroused by watching grisly videos of nature (eg snakes eating small mammals)? (sorry, I have to ask these questions!)

This is a very valid question. Over the years we have always worried that some people out there would take it too far. We have always tried to stress that it is fantasy and if anyone ever felt the need to act it out in real life, to seek professional help. It’s only enjoyable because it’s a fantasy. This is one of the reasons we do not create bloody, gory vore scenes. We like that our vore art is “incorrect” in a way. Obviously if someone was really being eaten, they would not be enjoying it or getting aroused from it. If someone was half in a monster’s mouth being eaten, you’d normally see blood and guts. We try to avoid that to steer away from it being too “real”.

12. Are you ever able to practice the fetish beyond art eg. as in making pretend monsters like at and devil clown productions? If so, what’s it like acting in this scenarios?

No we have not ventured into that realm. We are a small team and do not have the resources to create costumes, hire models and hire videographers. While Voreville is on break I am actively seeking new opportunities to work with other artists and videographers to create collaboration projects.

13. How popular are your vore forums? What sort of things do fans request?

Vore forums are very popular. Eka’s Portal and Disturbedthings have a lot of vore fans. Voreville tried a resource forum for vore artists, but that also eventually flopped. Vore artists usually request monsters and creatures that they can use in their own vore pieces. Vore fans usually have very specific requests like seeing a snake swallow a nude, oily female feet first by a swimming pool or something like that.

14. How popular is the vore fetish generally? Is it global?

From what we have seen over the years, about 85% of the people that hit is from the US. The other 15% from all over the world. So for us, it is global, but not on a large scale. I can’t speak for the other vore websites out there. I recently created a YouTube clone called that’s been very popular. It’s completely free and community driven for all vore fans. With it being free, I was not surprised it has been more popular than ever was.

15. Can you explain monstrous fx dotcom?

Monstrous FX dotcom is an attempt to remove the “vore” theme from the work that we do in efforts to expand and reach out to more people and websites. Instead of labelling it “vore” we can label it something else. This way we can operate on two different playing fields. Take YouTube for example, a few years back we posted some vore videos there only to have it removed. We signed up again, posted again, and all our videos were removed once again. Then we did a test, if we didn’t label it “vore” it would not be removed as quickly and sometimes even left alone. Payment processors equate vore with bestiality and refuse service to us. We actually just lost ALL our Paypal accounts because of this. So now in order for us to continue running our websites, we needed a new name that was not associated with an adult fetish. Due to hard economic times, is dying because funds are low. Hiring artists to work on this specific type of art is very expensive. My hope is that Monstrous FX dotcom will help fund our sites.

16. What is the difference between hard vore and soft vore?

Our definition of hard vore is anything that’s ripped apart while being consumed. We did a few hard vore pieces where the prey was ripped apart and we had to add blood to make it look somewhat “right”. It was too much for our artists so we stopped it because they were not comfortable with creating that style of vore. Soft vore is what we mainly do. There’s no ripping of flesh, just slow full swallowing of the prey.

Follow-up Questions:

Hello Stephen,

>>> oh, and also, the creatures that often feature in vore – spiders and snakes – are traditionally repulsive to humans. Do you think there’s anything in that?

Yes that is very true that spiders and snakes are repulsive to humans. However, I believe that the vore correlation with these creatures has more to do with how they consumer their prey. The end product of a snake vore is seeing the helpless prey’s silhouette inside the snakes body, and possibly still twitching from within. The fact that the snake’s body has an entire being trapped inside is complete and utter domination. The same can be said about spider vore. The end product of the prey is a liquefied state inside the spider’s tummy, just like how vampires suck the blood out of their victims. All that’s left is a exoskeleton / husk. The left over carcass is yet another symbol of complete and utter domination without having to rip apart or chew it’s victim.

See below for my repsonses:

> 1) When I asked whether you explore the fetish further, eg as in the sort of scenarios presented in the videos by vorevids and devil clown productions, I guess I kinda meant in privacy, rather than in terms of making vids for the site. I know you mentioned that you love wrapping yourself in a satin blanket, so I guess this partly answers that question. But is it something you would ever explore/roleplay with a partner?

I have actually role played the sexy black widow devouring her mate after sex with my partner before. He absolutely loved it and I had a lot of fun with it as well. If you want details, here is it. You can chose to use it or not. 🙂 I would dress up in the a sexy black lingerie ensemble and I would seduce my mate on my satin comforter. I have a specially made comforter for this role playing for the male’s penis to stick out of. I’d wrap him ever so tightly and tease him to insanity while he was cocooned. I’d act and speak to him like an evil seductress, thanking him for coming over to fill my hungry needs. As he wiggles in the silky cocoon, I’d ride him hard just before he’s about to peak. I tease him more until he can no longer take it. I then put him out of his misery with the final “blow” and I suck him dry!

> In fact, following on from that, do you think vore fans do ‘roleplay’ the fetish with blankets etc, or is it largely a voyeuristic/private thrill?

I don’t think many others share this same fantasy. I have never seen any videos of others doing this but me. However, I have been getting compliments on my videos on YouTube. I have actually posted video clips of my clean enough bedroom play on YouTube:

Here are the ones that my team turned into vore pieces:

As for the specific satin blanket vore, no one has openly admitted to doing it, but they have told me that they did enjoy watching my “strange” and “different” vore videos. I guess because it’s a very different kind of vore in which you really have to stretch your imagination. But from what I have seen out there in forums, it’s mainly fans posting and looking and videos and pictures and pleasuring themselves that way. It seems that only the vore artists and videographers who create vore actually need the extra props.

Again, this vore fetish is VERY particular for fans. Each fan’s vore fetish is very different and unique. Some even are upset when we create a piece that they think should happen a certain way. Take a snake vore sample. In real life snakes constrict and practically kill their prey before consumption. The snake then swallows the prey head first and whole. We get a lot of requests to do both live and dead “head first” and “feet first” vore scenarios. When we create a live struggling damsel being eaten feet first by the monster snake, the head first fans completely disagree with it. When we create a head first vore scenario, the feet first fans don’t like it. This is a prime example of how particular the vore fetish is.

> 3) Do you think you’re in the very small minority of being a female vore fans? John at devil clown remarked that the fetish seems to be 99% male.

Yes, definitely. I have also noticed a majority of people really into vore are male. Many fans have said that it’s a turn-on that a female is running and managing Voreville. It takes a person with a very creative and imaginative mind to enjoy and be aroused by this kind of art. I actually have been under fire by many for promoting this type of art. Those who do not understand core fully think I’m setting a bad example and promoting violence towards women. If anything I would think people would open their minds up since I am female myself.

> 4) Finally, being a fetish feature, I guess it’s a given, but presumably fans are aroused by your work like others might be with conventional porn? Do you ever get fans telling you that, or discussing such things on forums?

In private, fans do email us about “getting off” on our vore art. I would think that is exactly why fans enjoy vore art so much. What other reason would there be? Many fans are simply bored of looking at the same old thing. One fan even said to me, “Seen one pussy, you seen them all.”

Interview with Khuan Tru

Reaching Out

In efforts to expand our capabilities and to reach out to a larger audience, from now on all of our websites will be run under one entity. This will not affect any of our current operating websites. The emergence of Monstrous FX dotcom will allow us to reach out to many more potential artists and small film makers in hopes to create long lasting relationships and potential for amazing collaborative works in the long run.

– Stacey ^_^