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Better, More Realistic Movement in Our Animations

So we got the perfect vore creatures built and textured. They look awesome as stills. Now we want to see them move more life like!

The real work resides in rigging them in a way they look very real in motions and expressions, yes worm monsters can have expressions even though they do not have eyes! Our current setup uses a tool called Morpher. It basically allows you to morph a 3D object from one state, to another. It’s very simplistic and very limited when trying to create realistic animations which is why all our animations are just at the “OK” stages. Some of the animations feel very… what’s the word… flat. They can be WAY better once we perfect a new way of rigging up our models.

Once we get this method down, we’ll be able to create even better animations! The same concepts can be used in animating creatures too!

Thanks “ivanisavich” for that old post. It’s pretty old, but it helped a lot!

So much to do, so little time…


Here’s more references for all those trying to learn too:

“Give a man a fish; feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish; feed him for a lifetime”


– Stacey ^_^

Voreville on the cover of Bizarre Magazine!

There’s nothing more rewarding than doing what you love doing the most. The icing on the cake is that we got our image on the cover of Bizarre Magazine’s 2011 December issue! Thank you Stephen Daultrey for interviewing us for this special vore feature!

Bizarre Magazine December 2011 Issue

Bizarre Magazine December 2011 Issue

Voreville Trailer 2012

Bizarre Magazine December 2011 Issue – Special Vore Feature – Go Pick Up Your Issue Now!

Vore fans! Go pick up an actual hardcopy of a sexy new vore feature that will be released on the shelves. It’s going to be in Bizarre Magazine’s December 2011 issue!!!

Stephen Daultrey interviewed us a few weeks back for this vore feature. He told me that this vore feature will include interviews done with Vorevids, DevilClown Productions and Voreville! It’s five pages long! This is soooooo exciting!!! ^_^

Bizarre Magazine December 2011 Issue

2012 Changes

Vore fans! We have exciting news for you. A new year brings new changes.

Beginning January 1st, 2012 we will be switching to a new pricing scheme that will surely fit EVERYONE’S budget! For all those who supported us throughout years thank you again. Your support has gotten us to this point, otherwise we wouldn’t be here anymore so your support was definitely not in vain. Unfortunately because of the bad economy we had to cut down the staff and slow down production. Since we have less output and less help now I am forced to reduce prices.

For those of you who just want a quick, one time taste of our vore art and animation, we have a few options for you. For those fans who find yourself returning to us more often, we have some great discounted options for you as well!

We tried separating the websites into, and, but it was just too much overhead to maintain all the sites. We will be stopping access to those sister sites since we now have this new pricing scheme that everyone can enjoy here at

We will have NON-RECURRING and RECURRING options available.

For the ONE TIME, NON-RECURRING access we will have these options:

– 3 Day Access Pass – $9.99
– 2 Week Access Pass – $18.99
– 1 Month Access Pass – $26.99

For the RECURRING ACCESS we will have these options:

– 2 Week Access Pass for $16.99 with lower recurring fee at $12.99 for as long as you stay with us
– 1 Month Access Pass for $24.99 with lower recurring fee at $9.99 for as long as you stay with us

Everyone who already has recurring memberships with us need not do anything, you still have that great cheap $9.99 price!!!

Thanks again for all your support. There is a lot of new and great projects I am working on for Voreville, but it’s just going to take time to get it done.

Thank you for your patience!

– Stacey ^_^