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Ungrateful Assholes

This takes the cake. This is exactly why most of the original Voreville team left. This is the user or type of user that can turn what should be fun, into something not fun. When you spread lies about videos, WE have to do damage control and tell those who were mislead, that there is NO full version of something. We have to answer to that, not you. And you have the NERVE to mouth off to me??? You want the bitch claws to come out…

Grow a pair…asshole

Look at our original post, asshole.

Dated December 9TH 2011.

We posted it ourselves, so how are you going to say it was “Leaked”

What date did you post our video? December 27TH 2011. More than a month later. The only thing that leaked is your brain out of your ears!

Everyone, there is NO FULL movie. He’s just using our video to get traffic to his lame site.

And to MART2007… you know where you can go…

Have a nice day ^_^