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A Good 7 Year Run

So we reach another turning point after going through so much already. My friends and I devoted 7 years of our lives to this community. We didn’t have to try pushing the limits, but that’s what we wanted to do for US and the community. I guess trying to push the limits did not pay off for us in the end. It brought upon us too much work, complicated our processes, required us pay for expensive artists and models, forced us to update costly programs, and we didn’t have enough funding for it all.

Let me begin by explaining why I’m even writing this post. First off, I want you all to know that this is a terrible business to get into. It’s demanding, and there’s never enough resources to do the best 3D / CG you can. It requires artists with extremely special skills that you can’t find out there often. When you do find someone that can work with all the high end software, they cost an arm and a leg. Most vore fans are Poser artists, which made it difficult for us to integrate into our pipeline. Sorry about that Poser guys. It just so happened that 3D Max has been our choice of software since we started. Rayzor did ALL his animations in 3D Studio when we first began. Anyway, long story short, we also enjoy VORE which is why we kept doing it for so long. We just put so much man hours into it all it was always hard to let go. I guess in a way, this angry user who released all our hard work to the internet helped me realize it was time to let go. We had a great 7 years with everyone in the community. Now it’s time for me to concentrate more on my life which is what really matters. I got so tied up trying to please everyone that I lost sight that I am ageing and getting old! I need to do things before I die! …or get eaten! Ha!

Anyway, I learned one big lesson out os all of this. No one really cared about high end HDRI lighting or renders that took 2 hours a frame. No one really cared about seeing movie quality vore as much as we did and that was the problem I did not see from the start. Actually I shouldn’t say “no one”, I meant a very few. I still have that passion to push for the best in everything.

Simplicity was really the key. That’s where I messed up. We tried the full 3D route and we tried the CG / live action route as well. Both were great methods but one required too much computer power and one required hiring real models to act out being eaten correctly. 90% of the time the acting and expressions was not convincing enough according to the feedback we got.

It’s too bad because we were almost there. I should have known something was up when we lost contact with John at DevilClown. This would have been such a supberb piece. John, what happened???

We had some exceptionally great collaboration works with DIDVP and a lot of great footage, but now no artists to help finish it up our projects unfortunately. We had some really great shots too. Very HOT! A model in red hot lingerie, being constricted and eaten alive by a monster snake, what more could you ask for? Yes I know, a naked girl would be HOT too, yes I know. I had to take baby steps, ok? If this was successful, then we could have gone that route as well.

Voreville & DIDVP Collaboration - Snake Vore

Voreville & DIDVP Collaboration - Snake Vore

After John left I thought I would try different and new things for Voreville. All 3D took too much time so I though why not get half the work done with just filming a model acting, and then slap CG right no top. Of course this required even more special skills from artists so they charged us more. I figured a change would have been nice, but apparently it did not work.

So then I tried building up our base library with professional high quality monster models. They were super high quality all right. The best looking I have seen! Unfortunately rendering them in an animation was virtually impossible. It took 2.5 hours just to render this one huge HD image. Just a 33 second animation will require about 990 rendered frames (30 frames per second). If it took two hours to render one frame, it would take 1,980 hours to render the 33 second animation in HD. That’s 82.5 days of non stop rendering on one machine. I meant business when I wanted this to get to movie quality. I wasn’t kidding!

Voreville Spider Monster Full

Voreville Spider Monster Full

After all that was said and done in the last few years, there were only a handful of people that genuinely reached out and spoke to us like friends. I personally thank those of you who did that. It really made a big difference. Voreville went through some really tough times and you helped us get through that.

This time however is different. My team is gone, and I just do not have the time nor the energy to keep this up. Running the site was fine, but dealing with users that blatantly disregard our wishes not to post videos outside of Voreville was the last straw. Why? What do you gain in doing that? All we wanted to do was make cool vore art. 😐

When you re-post our videos with erroneous titles, you mislead others into thinking something else. They join and become infuriated that they don’t see what’s posted inside the member gallery. We have to do damage control. You waste our time and time is money. And after all that I get accused of being stingy?

When you share memberships and give out logins you take away funding for paying the high end artists. If you think they’re cheap, just find one that will animate for you, then tell them they have to animate “vore” and see how much rates go up.

All the time spent policing the videos could have been spent on making new vore art and animations. But you all have heard this spiel before. John has mentioned this time and time again and so have I. At this point it’s a moot point.

Memberships helps pay for the hardware and software needed to create digital art. Autodesk and Adobe products are NOT cheap. If you haven’t noticed we don’t use pen and paper to create our art. I never understood why users got so angry just to support the people trying to make this specialized art for YOU.

TheVoreTube is hosted by, take a look at how much a year it costs just to host the site under the VPS Pro. The site makes NO money and it purely for YOU all to enjoy. And yet a few of you still choose to abuse it by posting other’s art.

Users won’t ever get it so there’s no point in me wasting MY time anymore. As we get older we realize the more important things in life. I had no idea WHY I got tied up and so involved in this, especially for all the ungrateful users out there. I will only concentrate MY time on those who are true Voreville fans.

So with all that said, those of you who had corresponded with me before more than once, or have the specified requirements (see previous post about access), just contact me and we’ll talk about details. If you don’t meet the specifications and you don’t want to do the homework, then too bad. To weed out all the current bad seeds, everyone will need to sign up again only through Verotel which requires a valid credit card. I will check the card myself and will require a valid phone/text confirmation from you as well. Email me for the complete details.

All those who could care less about all of this… great! …the less headaches for me.

Less is more. See you all on the flips side!

Stacey ^_^

Other Sites Beware!

We know who you are and we’re watching YOU on both our sites. Other artists should also keep watch for this user who is located in Austria, Vienna. We know for SURE these are some details of this user. We’ll post more as we continue to sift through our data from months past.

The user found our site by searching “plant vore”
The user landing page was /browse/videos/z/0/1/RecentlyAdded
Language is de-de German
The user is located in Western Europe, Austria, Vienna
The user runs Firefox 11.0
The user is on a Windows machine, 24-bit, and 1280×800 resolution

On 3-26-2012 at 3AM our time, you decided to be stupid. We see all activity that goes on, you know.

Not like that extra detail will help most of you out there, but it will surely help us!