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Friends in need…

I’m probably stepping out of line here, but I feel compelled to say this because it really effects all of us in the Vore community.

I hear it over and over again how people LOVE vore so much yet they still do not want to help donate or offer any kind of monetary support for the sites that bring them this fantastic fetish. As been discussed numerous times over the years, it costs money to run a site. Yes, it’s free you all of you, but it costs site owners time and money to run a site, especially when custom art needs to be created. Your time is just as valuable as ours.

Yes, you say you know all of this, yet as time passes, you see legendary artist and sites disappearing without a trace. Does anyone ever bother to ask why or find out why or what happened? I just found out the other day that the amazing Reddmann left the game because he got sick and tired of people requesting things and asking him to do it for free. Unfortunately, since we had some past problems with him we never got a chance to team up. I personally think that would have been a great venture since we had the same names, just that he did a live action and we did animations.

From doing this for 7 years and seeing all it’s ups and downs, I strongly believe that even greats like PD got sick of people distributing his works without his permission and also got sick and tired of all the demand for free vore art. Him and all others realized that their time is more important than heeding to the demands of users who just WANT something, but never give back.

Now the great DisturbedThings forum is having problems with registration. Wake up people. Doc and Flipper probably just decided to say “FUCK THIS” and I don’t blame them. Running a forum is a lot or daily work and maintenance… and for what? They do it for free so that’s their own time they spend moderating the forum. They could be out enjoying themselves in the sun and relaxing. Maybe they’re the guys who hit the lotto and said “SEE Y’ALL LATER!” And if most of you didn’t know, the hosting provider will ALWAYS notify you that a domain is going to expire at least a month in advance and how much you have to pay to keep it going. They will always warm you about going over your bandwidth limits as well way in advanced. Wake up people!

That’s just my opinion. I could be wrong and probably am, but I strongly believe there’s some obvious hesitation going on there.

Doc/Flipper, if you need help with funding to get DT back up, let me know. I would like to help you guys! You guys have welcomed us throughout the years and we consider you close family! If you just sick and tired of it all, I don’t blame you.

In the years that I have been doing this, I’d say there were about 20% of you who are truly into this and would support the sites no matter what. I can tell that in what you write to me and your questions and how engaged you are in the subject matter. The rest of the 80% of you just needs a quick outlet to wack themselves off to for that day, and then looks to grab free stuff from many other different sites to get your rocks off for the remaining days of the week. You’re the guys who can “get by” without having to support the sites you love.

All I know is, and I guarantee you this, if you offer more donations and monetary help to the sites you love, you will surely see them around much longer. No one runs a site merely for the kicks of it, unless you’re a super young prodigy with no family life and worries, or you’re very rich and do not need the money.

No way, no how. Not in this world does anyone do anything for free, let alone pay for something out of their own pocket and not get a single thing out of it. Everyone has a reason and motive. Mine is to just survive in the screwed up economy.

– Stacey

Voreville’s Future is in Your Hands…

The battles of fee’s and costs keep going up. Now Verotel wants to charge their members $600+ a year just to be able to process payments. Before June 1st, 2012 it was free for us. If things keeps going the way they are, small shops like ours just won’t survive.

With that said, this will be the final push to get anything and everything I have thrown into getting Voreville back up and running. When we do open back up with new material again, I will gauge the opening months and how well it does. If it does well, I will make sure to keep pushing to keep Voreville alive. If it doesn’t do well, Voreville will just have to close permanently. The future of Voreville is really up to you!

So if you really enjoyed our works, show us your support when we need you! Spread the word! Keep watch on the blog for new previews of what’s to come!

Thanks everyone for your patience!

– Stacey ^_^

Where the Membership Fees Go?

For our supporters I wanted to break down where your membership fees fall into and how it helps us push the limits in everything we do. I want you to know that it’s seriously being put to really good use. Look at the progression of our works from when we started 7 years ago!


– Webhosting (needed to host the website)
– Paying artists (custom models, specialized riggers and animators)
– Production costs (computers, equipment and software)
– Services (rendering services needed for final render)
– Purchases (sound effects and music for a particular piece)
– Energy consumption (leave in a single power hungry workstation at home continuously for weeks and see how much your energy bill skyrockets. Now imagine how much $$$ it would take to run 2-3 of them.)

Do you recognize these sounds and clips? Of course you do! It’s our newest logo and trailer right? We’ll since I couldn’t afford to hire foley artists and motion graphics artists, I had to purchase templates that allowed editing it to our works. Every video you see, costs some kind of production money.

Logo with music $53


Trailer with music $108



Sure you can buy templates, but just take a look at how much the software to run it costs. It’s not cheap, but you get professional results! Of course we purchased this awhile back but it still costs to upgrade it!

$923.61 Adobe After Effects on Amazon

Also take a look at how much resources and money it takes to render a single animation. Why do you think they have websites like “RenderRocket” so small shops like us can pay to get our projects done in a more timely and efficient manner. Without them trying render one 1-2 home machines would take half a year to render a single 3 minute animation. And most of ours are only about 1 minute or less long.

Rendering costs:

Mid level rendering costs $99 per server per week. Our renders usually need about 3-5 servers running 24-7 for a month to get though our pieces. With 5 servers that’s about $2,000 a month for one single animation.

Crazy huh? It sounds crazy, but it’s reality. One small animation less than a minute long can cost up to $2000 or more to produce. And that’s only the finalizing part of the animation!

Remember before all that happens, you need to create the assets and animate them, but I already discussed that process a few blogs back. You know those cool new monsters I have been posting around? EACH ONE of them had a price tag of over $800 to have someone custom create them from scratch to our specifications. That’s not including animating them either. Sorry, those models will never go on sale or be released to the public. If you want your own monsters created, you can hire talented artists on Guru and oDesk.

Here’s the bottom line. I don’t believe in GIGO (garbage in, garbage out). I strive to produce the best works I can. That is my specialty. That is my skill set. That is what I do best. All of that takes money.

Support us and we’ll return the favor by giving you the best vore experience we can give to you.

What I have learned in all of this is that I really needed to stop wasting my energies those who oppose us, and turn my focus to those who really supported us though the years. I am now lying my trust and directing my efforts to those who understand the process and are willing to support us no matter what. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Listening to all of you these past few days has really opened up my eyes to the whole picture… the important picture… to take care of our supporters and ignore the haters.

– Stacey ^_^

Reconstruction Time…

Wow my brain hurts. There’s so much technology out there, yet nothing is secure. I know. I am realizing that now. Secured streaming is all hype. With video capture software out there it negates all the efforts that website owners put into trying to prevent their videos from being downloaded.

I really did not think downloading was the problem. The problem was that some of you decided to re-post our videos. Why? What do you gain in that? All you do is hurt the website that you joined to get the movies in the first place. I does not make any sense.

Then there are those who post our videos on YouTube, claim to be us, take our exact words, and even make up things like “FULL VERSION LEAKED” just to get people to look at their video and see the SPAM link embedded into our own video. Really???

I also realize that no matter what videos are already out there, it’s really YOU the individual member that decides whether to help support our website or go look on the web and look for torrents. By speaking to many of you these past few days, I am convinced that a lot of you do understand and are willing to support us no matter what. You loyal members are the keys to Voreville’s success, which is why I do not want to give up on you for supporting us all these years

Anyway, instead of fighting it, why not try embracing it. I have decided it’s time for a huge change. I am implementing a whole new system / gallery that will make things faster and more efficient for everyone. I am hoping this new change will help me raise enough funds again to pay artists to get the projects on the back burner finally complete. Since I do not have funds to pay anyone currently, I am going to take the next few months to complete this idea myself. This new setup will be much much more interactive and fluent than our current gallery.

Members will no longer need to wait an extra 10 minutes for long downloads. Members will get instant gratification when watching movies by clicking play and seeing it play right away! No more having to download that pesky DIVX codec and having codec deciphering issues! Members can now message each other, leave feedback comments and rate every video, picture and audio. All of which we did NOT have since we started our website. Previous members know how clunky the old gallery was and the was no way to communicate or leave comments.

In light of all that has happened, it was a good change for us. A whole new revamp and reprocessing of our entire gallery will occur in the next few months. It will give me some time to kick some of the newest renders back on since the computers have no artists working on them. Once the porting is complete, I will open Voreville to the public again.

All I can do at this point is ask every member to please play by the rules. If you really like us and want Voreville to stay around for awhile, keep our videos to yourselves please. Membership fees are very important if you want us to keep trying to make movie quality vore videos, and maybe even a movie one day! And members, please be aware out there and let us know if you see unauthorized postings of our works. You are our extra pair of eyes and we need you!

If our supporters have anything to say / comment / suggest what I should and should not be doing with the new setup, NOW is the perfect time to speak up.


Here’s a full list of features to look forward to in the new PROPOSED gallery!

– Supports Multiple Languages

– Members can not only share videos, but also pictures and audio with other members.

– Member controlled e-mail alerts for video conversion completion notification, video comments, picture comments, audio comments, profile comments, private messages and friend requests.

– Tag Clouds – Audios, Pictures and Videos
Multiple tag clouds for audios, pictures and videos have been added to the homepage.

– Website Statistics
Detailed website statistics have been added to the homepage which include users online, videos, pictures, audios, channels and comments counts.

– Recently Uploaded Videos
Shows videos ordered by the most recently uploaded.

– Featured Videos, Pictures and Audios
Featured videos, pictures and audios, which are shown on the homepage.

– Top Videos, Pictures and Audios
The top media are show on the homepage

– Categories
A listing of the video categories, picture categories and audio categories is shown on the homepage for easy access.

– Profile Pages
Upload Profile Background Picture
Members can upload their own profile background picture if they wish, otherwise the default background is shown.

– Social Networking Profiles
Advanced member profile pages encourages social networking by allowing countless interactions with other members.

– Subscribe To Member
Logged in members can subscribe to other members.

– Send Message
Logged in members can send the member a message from their profile.

– Add To Friends
Logged in members can send friend requests.

– Member Statistics
Detailed member statistics are shown on the their profile including profile views, videos, comments, subscribers, etc.

– Member Videos
The last 5 uploaded member videos are shown, with a link to show all the member’s upload videos.

– Member Pictures
The last 5 uploaded member pictures are shown, with a link to show all the member’s upload pictures.

– Member Audios
The last 5 uploaded member audios are shown, with a link to show all the member’s upload audios.

– Member Channels
The last 5 uploaded member channels are shown, with a link to show all the member’s created channels.

– Profile Comments
All comments on the member’s profile by other members are shown.

– Member Favorite Videos
The last 5 favorited videos by the member are shown, with a link to show all the member’s favorited videos.
– Member Favorite Audios

The last 5 favorited audios by the member are shown, with a link to show all the member’s favorited audios.
– Member Favorite Pictures

The last 5 favorited pictures by the member are shown, with a link to show all the member’s favorited pictures.

– Member Subscribers
The last 5 member subscribers are shown, with a link to show all the member’s subscribers.

– Member Subscribed To
5 randomly chosen members the profile owner is subscribed to are shown, with a link to show all the members the profile owner is subscribed to.

– Member Friends
10 randomly chosen friends of the member are shown, with a link to show all the member’s friends.

– Member Information
Profile member information is shown on the the profile page, including name, birthday, gender, city, country, description, website, etc.

Account Status

– In the My Account page, member can see detailed statistics of their account including their account status, e-mail status and summaries of all interactions.

– Account Functions

Members can change their e-mail, change their password, change their avatar, toggle their family filter, edit their profile, change their profile background image, as well as change their profile picture.

– Avatars
Members can use one of the provided avatars, or upload thier own custom avarar which is shown on all comments throughout the site.

– Family Filter
Before members can view mature content, they must turn their family filter off, which is on by default for new members and guests.

– Messages
Members have an inbox, where they can view received messages from other members, as well as reply to them.

– Sent Messages History
All messages the member sends are recorded in their sent messages history, which can be deleted.

– Member Friends
Members can view as well as remove their current friends.

-Friend Requests
Requests to be a member’s friend are shown, where they can accept or reject it.

-Channels, Videos, Pictures and Audios
-Members can view, edit or delete any of their created or uploaded channels, videos, pictures and audios.

Search System

– Popular Searches
A record of the search terms are kept, and the most popular search terms are shown on the search results page.

– Multi-Search
When you search for something, the number of results for that search term for other sections are also shown for users convenience.

– Search From Any Page
With our advanced search system, users can search from any page they are on by clicking “Search” on top of the page.

– Add Video To Channel
Logged in members can add videos to channels.

– Subscribe To Member
Logged in members can subscribe to other members.

– Social Bookmarks
Viewers can add the media pages to their favorite social bookmarking website.

Upload Channel Background Picture
– Members can upload their own channel background picture if they wish, otherwise the default background is shown.

Join Channel
– Logged in members can join the channel without page re-loading.

Rate Channel
– Logged in members can rate the channel without page re-loading.

Channel Video Player
– The latest video added to the channel is shown on the channel video

Channel Comments
– Comments made to the channel are listed.

Channel Videos
– Videos added to the channel are shown on the right of the video

Channel Members
– Members who joined the channel are listed.


Video Section
– Video section of the script lists all videos, with the option to order
via recently added, most popular, top rated, top favorites, featured or by runtime length.

Picture Section
– Picture section of the script lists all pictures, with the option to
order via recently added, most popular, top rated, top favorites, or featured.

Audio Section
– Audio section of the script lists all audios, with the option to order
via recently added, most popular, top rated, top favorites, featured or by runtime length.

Members Section
– Members section of the site list all active members, with the option
to sort by recently joined, recently online, profile hits, video
views, featured, only men or only women.

Channel Section
– Channel section lists all channels created by members, with the option
to sort by recently created, most subscribed, most viewed, featured, top rated or most comments.

Account Help

Forgot Username
– If members forget their username, they can now request it by entering
their e-mail address and have it e-mailed to them.

Reset Password
– If members forget their account password, they can now request it by
entering their username and have it e-mailed to them.

Comments Paging
– Video comments, audio comments and member profile comments have paging support so comments can be limited per page.

Delete Comments Instantly
– Members can delete comments they posted, or delete comments other members posted on their video, picture, audio or profile


Wow I am really shocked by the outpouring of all the emails after I shut Voreville to the public and created all those stipulations to join again. From what I perceived from all of this was that no one really cared enough about our efforts.

For years we try to get anyone in the community involved in collaboration projects either with us or other vore artists. We even tried to bring the community together by starting up a contest and trying to get the best works out of the vore artists in hopes we could gather all of them to make one nice piece together. We tried to make a free vore magazine which some of you did help create. We never got any feedback about any of those projects so it seems like it was just a waste of time. We can’t read minds, we just go by the stats. It boils down to numbers… if the stats are high, we assume people are interested. If they are low, we’re going to assume no one gives a hoot. So I decided that it was “time”. Time to just let it all go, get my own life back on track. I thought it may be time to move on. Maybe my ambitions were just too high for what was available.

Then everyone comes out of the woodworks telling me it’s sad news that this has happened. Where was all the feedback when we had asked? We’re not mind readers, my team had no idea people cared this much about our efforts otherwise they would have stayed.

Anyway, I am already toying with the idea of a whole new, more secured gallery setup that may work for us with full on tracking and monitoring for any suspicious activities. Months of testing needs to be done. It may allow me to open Voreville up to the public again. Thanks to all of your for your excellent ideas and tips on how to make life easier on us! I do appreciate it! My team will appreciate it once they see this. It may even peak their interest to come back!

Stay tuned…