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Voreville 2012 Roadmap

Many have you really opened my eyes to this entire process and I thank you for your patience. I can’t believe I let a few individuals ruin it for our dedicated users who have supported us throughout the years. I trust that no matter what trolls out there post our videos, you will still support us here, and that’s what really counts. Only those who have joined us know what we really have available in the gallery because we never posted everything we had available. We had to leave a sense of “ohhhh” and “ahhhh” when someone did join… and we will continue to do that for anyone who does!

SO THIS IS IT. If the opening weeks of Voreville does well, it will live on. If it does not do well, it will be time to move on. It’s going to really be up to you, the fans out there, to decide the fate of Voreville. I have convinced almost all my old crew members to come back IF the opening weeks statistics perform well. In the meantime a few of them are now helping me complete our unfinished pieces that we were working on before the split up. I will NOT have resources to hire any new artists at this time.

April to August – Complete tear down and rebuild of gallery.
This includes porting over 2000+ vore manipulations into the new gallery one by one and property tagging and describing each of them for easy search. This also includes rebuilding all current videos to remove the old troublesome DIVX codec. As many of you experienced, you were forced to download a codec before you were able to view our videos. This proved to be cumbersome and unreliable over the years causing lock ups and crashes. With the new gallery you will have instant viewing pleasure. No need to wait for super long downloads. You can now leave comments on everything as well. In the old gallery you could not leave any comments, so we never knew what you all really like and disliked. This new gallery will help us determine that much easier.

July to September – Completion of all unfinished projects.
This includes all those projects that we once listed the statuses of somewhere on our blog or on the DisturbedThings forum. We had a lot of stuff partially completed. This will give us 3 months for pure rendering time to complete our renders. I was fortunate that one of my associates works for a company that had a lot of old machines lying around. We were able to gather a few of them to create a small render farm again.

September to October – Finalizing all new changes and QA of new gallery.

November – Planned Re-opening

November to December – Statistics analysis of the month to determine if Voreville will continue in 2013.