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Cheap Custom Vore Art & Manipulation

During Voreville’s time off, I have had some time to find other avenues to help fund the return of our website. It has definitely been a tough journey these past few years trying to keep everything continually running. I have been so busy with so many things that, yes, I have been lazy and have neglected to check details and reply back to emails and I do apologize for that.

The show must go on and I did recently hire an on call excellent photo manipulator for a new idea I had. Since many of you have expressed that you would like custom work done, I have set up a gig on that will allow YOU to send us a request to manipulate any photo of your liking. Vore fans, you send us the vore victim and monster, tell us exactly what you want to see, and we’ll photoshop them into a cool vore scene for only $5.

Spread the word!

Here are my other art related gigs:

Voreville Returns Fall 2012

There’s no set date on this quite yet, but I can say that the new gallery is coming along just great! I love the interactivity of the new gallery. Once it’s up and running again, and it does well in the opening weeks, your comments and votes will help us determine how the member gallery art will go! This way everyone can have a say!

Animations are currently rendering 24-7 which means our projects will get done!

Thank again everyone for your patience during this time!