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Relax People!

I said it was the end of the road for me at Voreville. Yes me, Stacey. It doesn’t mean the end of Voreville. I already have a few people lined up to take the reins and I’m sure they will do well. It’s just become too personal to me now, and I myself am loosing focus at what’s really important in my life.

I of course will still be around helping, but I will not be overseeing the entire operation anymore. It’s just too much for me to handle.

But the good news for all of you is that I will leave Voreville as it was a few months ago, opened to the public. It’s up to the next admins to decide what happens next to Voreville. If you want Voreville to survive, here’s your chance to support it again so the next guys have some reserves to work with.

– Stacey

End of the Road for me

I am putting Voreville domain and TheVoreTube domain up for sale. Please email me if you are interested in purchasing one or both websites. It will include all content. Highest bidder gets it. Yes, it costs money and no trades. Keep in mind that TheVoreTube is on a special VPS server on Arvixe and already costs $500.00 a year just to run and host the YouTube clone software.

I can’t say it’s been a fun ride all these years. Good luck everyone! I have bigger fish to fry!

– Stacey

The Latest Frustrations

As most of you are tired of hearing about all the ups and downs with our site, I too am very disappointed and actually saddened by them. One minute is seems all is well and things are running great, and the next, something comes up that throws a wrench into things.

It’s come to the point that the wrench is showing it’s ugly face all too often now where it just extinguishes all my efforts to keep this site up and running. It’s tiring. It’s frustrating. It’s just not worth it.

All our connections are dying or dead. Devilclown, who sounded so excited to work with us with some Lola shots completely shut us out after the turn of the year. After repeated attempts at contacting them, they have not written back. It’s obvious that they do not wish to work with us so that opportunity is now dead.

PKFStudios connection was great until we could not produce anything worthwhile for them to market. They say they can film customs for $200, but it HAS to benefit them as well or the price for customs goes up much more.

DVDIP has sent us wonderful clips, but working with them was difficult because none of it was green screened so we also could not produce a whole lot of vore content from them. A few totally magnificent vore shots came from them, but it’s all bits and pieces. Since then we have lost contact with them as well.

When we spoke to Hank Samuels, we spoke a lot about what we wanted to accomplish together. Since then nothing has happened.

ModelMayhem was supposed to bring more opportunity for new hot models, yet every model we spoke to refuses to do work for this kind of subject unless they are through DIDVP.

I’ve looked far above and beyond for new models and content with no luck. It’s now dragging on way too long.

You see, in this economy, time is money for everyone. If someone is going to spend their time doing something, it better turn some kind of profit. And suffice it to say that anyone who pays for art should expect that the art will be satisfying to them that it’s worth their money. Being in the middle and trying to keep these two in balance is the most difficult task that I have ever taken on. It has beaten me. I am beat. Yes, I am finally admitting being beat. I do not know where to go from here now.

Without decent connections, there’s no way to make the kind of vore I was shooting for. With so many leeches out there who don’t believe in supporting the sites they love, it’s unfair to the rest who pay and the people who slave to make the content. With less memberships there’s no funding. With cash reserves run dry, there’s no funding to pay artists. And to those who did donate a few dollars here and there, it did help, just was not enough.

The deadly cycle hits again.

So here’s the truth and here is where this is all coming from. Statistics don’t lie.

I started as research and a way to figure out the vore community. I have been watching it carefully and it’s trends. It basically told me that +100% of the users that signed up just want free stuff. Maybe only 2-3 members out of 11,000+ members even lifted a finger to help support run TheVoreTube. You know, that little blurb right smack dab in the middle of the first page about every member just donating just $1 could have helped a whole lot. That post about people donating enough to keep it running was a lie. No one supported it when expiration was near after the first year so I paid out of my own funds to have it run one more year. Since I already paid and can’t get it back, I will leave it up and running. But when the domain expires again, I will let it expire this time. I am not shelling out my own money to run it anymore.

What does that say about a pay site like Voreville and the vore community? According to my charts over the last 7 years since we started, it is apparent that only a handful of users really support us. It also says that the vore art HAS to be like no other, out of this world, before maybe a handful (about 10% of the vore community) would gladly pay for it. The rest will still try to get their hands on a free version some way of another and pass it around. And there’s no way to stop that. I know. Most of you want great content for free (which is already out there by 1000s of artists). Well, sorry we only have 2-3 artists, and their time and my time is NOT free. My time on this earth is limited and I could be doing something else than be YOUR slave.

So you see, even though I have burned through all our cash and have some really damn cool new vore shots and animations completed from it, it’s never been released and therefore can’t be free distributed and I kind of like it that way. I just can’t trust anyone. I just may consider leaving things closed off to the public again and do something like Clips4Sale where users just purchase individual videos. Every new video that goes out, I will embed your CC number in the video so it’s clearly visible. This way users will be forced to keep it private. Those who want access to that content will need to gain my trust. I don’t care how you do it, but you have brains, come up with something.

Frustrated to the Brink

One user: Drazex

Unbelievable, like getting stabbed in the back. If Voreville does not re-open to the public, you can blame people like him.

And it’s not the fact that Drazex ripped us a new one in that review, that’s great for us to use for improvement. What irks me the most, after all the crap said and done, about posting our art without permission, he write’s about the videos that he watched without having “shelled out” anything for them. So he basically supported everything I stood against about spreading member gallery works to the public. Another word for that… leech!

Why is it so damn difficult for you people to see that actions like these really screw up websites.

Argggghhh! I have had it!