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The Facts

It’s been brought to our attention that many people are angered by our 24 unfinished clips release thinking that we are trying to “slow drip” final works just to squeeze every penny out of you. This is by far not the case. Stacey had 24 projects all running at the same time trying to please everyone and now we are trying to clean up the mess.

We understand your frustrations and are working hard to get things back in order. Surely you have heard that before many times, and many times we have seen posts about Voreville being all talk and no actions. We are trying to fix that. However, given the fact that John and Stacey both had difficult times with the site, we know it will be a long road to recovery and we want to let YOU know that.

Right now, we are banking on funding from fans that are NEW to vore and will enjoy the website for the FIRST time. This is the only way we can raise funding to hire new artists to complete the work and continue with new work later. This will be a very long process as you can expect. Stacey leaving Voreville was a huge step backwards.

All those of you who know the site well and are long time fans, there is not much new material that will keep you happy. Do NOT join at this time. We will post any new updates here on the blog. You can then decide to join if you think you like the previews. We are not here to mislead you which is why we are writing this.


1) NEW vore fans will love our member gallery. It’s a perfect time to join. It has a mix of over 2000+ vore images, animations, videos and stories.

2) Long time fans will just have to wait longer. Do NOT join if you are unhappy with the latest reviews.

Please pass this along to everyone. Thank you.

– VV Admins

Payment Options

For those of you who have been asking about other payment options we do accept Paypal again, but requires us to go through Stacey’s Fiverr account. If you are interested in a 1 time, 1 month access at a lower rate, you can use this method. Email us for details.

24 Unfinished Clips Released

We have just released 24 unfinished animation and CG live action clips of the current projects. These are clips. They are NOT and will NEVER be movie lengths. We specialize in VORE, not the whole movie. Vore/eating in general only takes a few seconds unless it’s a snake or spider doing the eating. Don’t join and ask why the movies are all short. If you have questions, please email before joining.

For particular reasons, we are NOT disclosing details about the clips at this time. DO NOT EMAIL US TO ASK ABOUT IT. Current members can describe, comment, critique the pieces on forums to share with other fans. This will help others to decide to join based on peer reviews and not our teasers and descriptions. Please be as blunt and honest as possible in your reviews because we will stop production on that project if it is not well received. No sense in wasting effort on something not liked. It’s time to trim the fat.

– VV Admins


There will be no new gallery. Stacey was only able to get 45% of it up and running and we are not wasting anymore time and resources for it. We want to concentrate on getting the new content finalized and completed.

New content is still being processed. A lot of it is not complete, but we will release the incomplete works in the tests section of the member gallery shortly.

The gallery is now opened to the public. We have other payment options in place again. Please emails us for more details.

Thank you for the continued support

– VV Admins