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Going back to the basics

Things got very complicated, very fast, especially when other artists, models, photographers and videographers got into the production mix. Everything was too dependent on each other which is why nothing solid was able to be produced to full completion. A lot of failed tests led to unhappy artists and ended up being a huge waste of time and resources for the Voreville staff and it’s members.

It is time we keep things simple for now.

Voreville will start from it’s roots as a vore image and picture art gallery only, along with some stories as well. All animations and video productions will be special occasional releases only. This will leave no expectations for anyone. When they are done, they will be released. We will get to them when we get to them. There is no time frame. Everyone will know when animations or videos are released because you will see it mentioned here on the blog. This way no one is wondering and waiting as a member or a non-member.

So again, in summary, do NOT join if you do care about new vore images and stories. This is how it will be until we can raise more funding.

– VV Admins